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    PM’s new Maoist policy focuses on security, development | Firstpost

    The GoI is getting their act right.Now sir and now if you read through this u will understand my view point.Sending combing teams of CRPF and CISF into central India without first giving proper adminstration to those places is equivalent to sending troop to their sucide.The Maoists feed on the misadminstration by the GoI in the given areas and it is not the Police or Paramilitary who are the frontline troops to fight Maoism but rather its the IAS dedicated Civil service officers like Vineel Krishna and late E.R Sankaran Nair
    type individual who will fight maoism.There is a lot of governance to be desired in the tribal areas of Orissa,Chattisgarh,Jharkhand and Bihar in areas of educaton and most importantly health and food.Unless you cut the Tribal greivances against the state you will not be able to cut Maoist recruitment of Cadre.

    For that to happen good governance must be given

    As far as Swami Agnivesh is concerned the matter is grey not black and white as you think.If not for him and Haragopal the IAS officer Vineel Krishna might have come in a coffin.

    Maoist problem has a lot of nuances and I hope you get an idea of some part of it
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