P8I weapon suite one of its kind

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    Raytheon Missile Systems Fish Hawk

    Raytheon Proves Advanced Anti-Submarine Capability with Successful Flight Test

    The Fish Hawk is a kit that attaches to Raytheon’s MK 54 lightweight torpedo and enables submarine-hunting aircraft such as the P-8 Multimission Maritime Aircraft and P-3 Orion to precisely deploy torpedoes from high altitudes while standing off a safe distance from a target.

    The kit is composed of wings that deploy after the system is released from an aircraft, a control section, and a GPS/inertial navigation system precision guidance system. Fish Hawk combines a GPS-controlled wing kit with the MK 54 lightweight torpedo and is designed specifically for the P-8. Once launched, the system glides the torpedo to a precise water entry location to seek out, engage and destroy a submarine threat.

    Fish Hawk offers new capabilities that will enable aircraft to launch from higher altitudes and thus enhance survivability. The system also provides longer on-station time thanks to reduced fuel consumption. Additionally, Fish Hawk reduces airframe stress because the aircraft is no longer required to dive down to the target level in order to deploy an anti-submarine torpedo.
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