Operation Storm Lightning

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    The operation began around 18:00. Two companies join a point a few hundred meters from the cache. The militaries observe several gunmen on rooftops and in houses, their target seems to be there. Tiger helicopters locate and neutralize sentries posted around the compound. The system tightens around the refuge. It is 23:00, the assault is launched.

    TF Richelieu entered the house under fire. The response is immediate and precise, the insurgents surrendered their arms. Seven individuals were arrested. Among them, a fighter armed with two AK 47, grenades and magazines : it is the wanted insurgent leader. The operation lasted just under four hours. No French soldier was injured.

    1 February 2011, the operation continues. The Afghan kandak and the battle group Richelieu hold together the southern zone of action, continuing a systematic search of compounds. By late morning, the Afghan soldiers find 2 more IEDs (improvised explosive devices) on the road to a French outpost.

    In the area of responsibility TF Allobroges battle group along the main axis connecting the south to north, PDAs and POMLT patrol and search compounds where weapons and materials used for manufacturing IEDs also can be hidden. Near the position of Kandak 3, three insurgents, armed, are identified and neutralized by a joint patrol (Tiger helicopter and a Gazelle Viviane).

    February 02, while ground control operations continue, a component of the Savoyards battle group in support of an Afghan kandak, was hit by an IED. A Medic VAB (APC) is affected, with four soldiers on board. Two of them were slightly wounded and evacuated to a military hospital in Kabul.

    But, the insurgents gradually lose their fighting spirit : ten of them is captured by the kandak 3 during the making of a compound early in the afternoon. All day, French and Afghan forces continue their missions of area control, searches and checkpoints.

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