Onion-laden truck hijacked on Delhi-Jaipur highway

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    Onion-laden truck hijacked on Delhi-Jaipur highway

    With the price of onions skyrocketing, highway robbers in Rajasthan have now taken to looting onions apart from jewellery, cash and vehicles. Early on Sunday, a truck with 40 tonnes of onions was hijacked by highway robbers on the Delhi-Jaipur national highway.
    Around 10 am on Sunday, three highway robbers hijacked a truck transporting onions near Shahpura village on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. The robbers, who were in a red-beacon vehicle, stopped the truck and accused the driver of hitting their vehicle. They demanded compensation and argued with the driver and the cleaner and when both of them got off the truck, the robbers fled with the truck.

    The police, however, managed to find the truck in a deserted spot but the three robbers fled from the spot. The truck was released from a local court on Monday and completed its journey to Meerut thereafter.

    Source Onion-laden truck hijacked on Delhi-Jaipur highway
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    Valuable goods do get stolen!
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    This may the reason! :lol: :hehe:
    With all the RBI’s policies to defend the rupee, from raising short term interest rates by 300 basis points to imposing capital controls, coming to naught, RBI governor Dr. Subba Rao has taken the radical step ofreplacing the Indian rupee with the ubiquitous onion to stem the domestic currency’sslide and regain parity with the dollar. A kg of onions willnow replace Rs. 100 as legal tender all over the country and more importantly fetch a dollar in the foreign exchange markets. Currencymints in Noida, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata have accordingly been converted into onion farms.
    The RBI governor revealed that this solution struck him after he noticed that both the dollar and a kilogram of onion were moving in tandemtowards the Rs.100 mark while he was peering over market data. “After that, the solution pretty much unraveled itself in my mind,”a teary eyed Rao told The UnReal Times. “Anyway, withpeople now preferring to transact in onions rather than rupee notes, especially those carrying the signatureof Dr. Manmohan Singh, the move was inevitable,” he added.
    The commentariat including economists of various hues have by and large hailed themove. “This out of the box measure limits the ability of both the Union Government and the ISI to do long term damage to the economyby resorting to seigniorage(revenue from printing notes) to finance their schemes,” noted Dr. Vodoo Sen, a very famous economist.
    The Finance Ministry has predictably lashed out at theRBI for this radical monetary intervention. “Where will we get the extra onions to now buy food-grains for implementing the Food Security Bill?” thundered Finance Minister Chidambaram. “Plunge a dagger into our heart but don’t take away our right to finance populist schemes by creating money out of thin air,” he wailed.
    Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh was also glum on hearing about the move. “It’s back to the drawing board for us now to draw up revised guidelines for a DoT (Direct Onion Transfer) in place of a DirectCash Transfer (DCT) program,” he remarked lugubriously. The radical monetary intervention has also poured cold water over the plansby Mylapore vaadhiyars for performing a grand sadabhishekam ceremony for the Indian rupee in anticipation of breaching the Rs 80/US Dollar mark.
    Incoming RBI governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan has however criticized his predecessors’ move, terming it as extreme and unwarranted. “All Subba Rao had to do to resurrect the rupee was to have Sharad Pawar endorse the US dollar,” he said and left it at that.
    RBI replaces rupee with onion to regain parity with US dollar | The UnReal Times
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    How can a truck carry 40 tonnes of onions?
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    Akhand Bharat
    in papers only in relaity only 4 tonnes ,corruption everywhere u know
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    Well, Atleast one entrepreneurship knows to think out of the box to survive in this deliberately ill managed economy....
    Too bad they are to the left of the legal bar.

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