One woman molested every day in Delhi

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    One woman molested every day in Delhi
    India - 9 March 2011

    NEW DELHI: At least one woman has been molested every day and 42 raped in the capital this year. These disturbing numbers continue to haunt Delhi despite assurances from the top cop about increased focus on women safety.

    Delhi Police commissioner B K Gupta claimed that "securing women in Delhi will be his prime objective" for which he started new women friendly police stations in Delhi University and posted women officers at police stations but things have not improved much with 73 molestation cases already reported this year. Also, at least 25% of the 500 murders victims in Delhi are women.

    Despite directions, cops cite many reasons for lack of emphasis on women safety. "All Delhi Police officers, including the specialized units and police stations, have been asked to concentrate on nabbing robbers. Out of over 80,000 police officers in Delhi Police, only a few are visible on roads. In most of the recent murders of women, including the killing of Radhika Tanwar on Tuesday, guns have been overtly used. It is easy to smuggle firearms in Delhi and we have not been able to put a cap on sale of illegal arms here," said a police officer.

    Recently, incidents of attacks on women through blades were reported in Outer Delhi but not many were arrested. Police claim that most of these incidents are "crimes of passion" and accused are known to the victim.

    Of late, many women have been targeted in some south Delhi areas (see box). Recently, a 30-year-old BPO employee was gangraped by five men in Dhaula Kuan and after that three incidents of molestation were reported at the same place. Radhika Tanwar was also killed in south Delhi on Tuesday while Soumya Vishwanathan and Jigeesha Ghosh too were found murdered in south Delhi colonies.

    At least 507 women were raped in capital in 2010 while 601 were molested. "It is a matter of pity that a city with a woman chief minister is so unsafe for us," said Preeti Sharma, a government employee.

    Gupta had recently blamed the city for not reacting to crime against women.

    Source: The Times of India
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    and a good portion of these claims are lies by girls/woman to get one can deny this since it is a fact of life.

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