On made-in-China globes, J&K a nation

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    On made-in-China globes, J&K a nation

    Globes made in China, depicting Jammu and Kashmir as a separate country, are being sold all over India for as little as Rs 100 a piece.

    In comparison, globes made in India — depicting India’s territory according to the Survey of India specifications — cost between Rs 350 and Rs 800.

    “It is a matter of concern,” said a senior intelligence official who did not want to be named.

    “We pass on information to the local police whenever we learn about a specific case, but it is the Customs who should be proactively monitoring the situation.”

    “The police seize what they can find but don’t have the resources to pursue the trail,” the official added.

    “There are layers beneath layers here: Chinese companies that manufacture these misleading maps, importers who misrepresent what they are bringing in to evade customs duty, and shopkeepers who sell the items to make a quick buck.”

    “When we catch such discrepancies, we put a stamp on them saying that the map is not recognised by the Indian government,” said a Customs official on condition of anonymity.

    “But they are very difficult to monitor because importers do not always tell the truth. The globes may be brought in as part of a lampshade consignment.”

    On made-in-China globes, J&K a nation- Hindustan Times
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