Old Russian Almaz space stations bough by a private company

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    Two partially completed modules, initially built for the Soviet Almaz program of military space stations, were bough by Excalibur-Almaz, a private company interested in promoting and developing a civilian space program. The modules are already at the Isle of Man, where the company has its headquarters, and they will be tested and eventually completed, modernized and launched. Apparently the company also bough a number of TKS transport modules and it's developing its own space capsule.

    The statement of mission of Excalibur-Almaz

    The Almaz space program, which began development during the early days of heroic spaceflight achievement, provides a remarkable resource for future space ventures. We at Excalibur Almaz Limited (EA) envision the way to combine proven Almaz spacecraft resources with today’s advancements in engineering and technology to achieve the next milestone in the Almaz legacy — Excalibur Almaz, paving the way for reliable, affordable, and routine access to space for exploration, experimentation and enjoyment by customers around the world.
    The provision of transportation to and from space was the promise of Almaz from the beginning. Today, fulfilling that promise is well within the reach of Excalibur Almaz.

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    Hope its not a chinese front end company.....like the varyag case!!!1
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