Okinawa established the Ryukyu independent organization declare

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    Photo: Okinawa established the Ryukyu independent organization declared fully equipped independent - Military News

    [Global Times reported, according to Japanese news network reported on May 15, Ryukyu Okinawa Prefecture, Japan local politicians, university professors, social activists and members of the public members of the group consisting of national independence Comprehensive Research Society ', was set up in the afternoon of the 15th the day of the press conference, the Institute said, will seek the independence of Okinawa and the establishment of the 'Ryukyu self-government of the Federal Republic', while the study of the experience of his country's independence, will be looking for the opportunity to direct representations to the United Nations Okinawa willingness Japanese media said, Okinawa openly set up an 'independent' organization is the first time, Japan has been no official respond to the newspaper deadline.

    'Ryukyu national independence comprehensive study of the Society of Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture was born Ryukoku University Professor Matsushima Tatham and Okinawa International University associate professor friends know Masaki et al organizations launched(Best News - Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos News). Matsushima Tatham, 15, said the Japanese government with the << Japan-US Security Treaty >> interests allows Okinawa victim, the Okinawan people have been subjected to discrimination in Japanese society even if occupied by Japan, Okinawa did not his view, Okinawa Ryukyu Kingdom in the past, was not part of Japan. autonomy to Japan, Okinawa seek independent decision. Matsushima also said that the Pacific island nation of Palau, although only 20,000 people, but still gained independence. Okinawa has a population of 1.4 million, is fully equipped with separate conditions, and even the United Kingdom Scotland will hold a referendum on independence.

    Okinawa Chinese scholar Liu Gang << Global Times >> Reporter number of Ryukyu national independence comprehensive study of Society 'is not a lot, about 100 people, participants more than three or four years old, relatively young organization with research color, 'Okinawa independent Matsushima, president of Tatham the study South Pacific island economies, is very active in the local.

    Ryukyu national independence comprehensive study of Society will be extensively absorb the people of Okinawa membership, to look forward to gradually developed into a local political party, and plans to appeal to the United Nations from the colonization of the Special Committee of independent requirements. Was born in Okinawa, Japan Social Democratic Party member of the national response , members of the House of Representatives Teruya Kuande publicly expressed support for his 15 published in the blog entitled 'finally from Japan toward independence' article said: 'Okinawa or separate good since the Meiji Modern and Contemporary History, Okinawa General by the regime of discrimination(Military News Best News - Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos News). Even now, the people of Okinawa has not been as Japanese .
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