OK Serious :Law and order better in UP than many other states:Akhilesh

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    NEW DELHI: Under fire over a spate of serious crimes in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav today said that the law and order situation in his state was better than that in many other parts of the country and maintained that his government was working to improve matters.

    Speaking to reporters at an Investors' Conclave organised by UP, Yadav said that the "big" participation by investors at the meet was evidence that the law and order situation was fine in the state.

    "Whenever somebody asks me about this (law and order), I say it is a very important subject and it is the government's responsibility to ensure that it remains in good condition. It (law and order situation) is fine in UP and better than in many other states... That is why they (investors) have come in such large numbers," he said.

    The investors' summit is also an opportunity to tell the people that whatever be the propaganda about UP, the state is attracting investment, he said, adding that it is his government's responsibility to address law and order issues.

    Officials said MoUs for investment worth over Rs 63,000 crore have been signed with Yadav insisting that he would personally monitor the big projects and work to ensure their proper execution.

    "Had we not worked, not provided 24-hour power for industry and created infrastructure, then MoUs worth so much money would not have been signed," Yadav said.

    The Samajwadi Party government in UP has repeatedly come under attack on the charge that it had failed to address the law and order problem in UP. In the latest case in UP which has sparked nationwide outrage, two cousin sisters in Badaun district were allegedly raped and murdered about two weeks back with their bodies left hanging from a tree.

    Law and order better in UP than many other states: Akhilesh Yadav - The Economic Times

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    Re: OK Serious :Law and order better in UP than many other states:Akhi

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    Re: OK Serious :Law and order better in UP than many other states:Akhi

    If he is so sure then he SHOULD ask Dimple Yadav to venture out alone and walk through some fields and relieve herself and come back alive on daily basis.

    This way he can prove it.
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    Re: OK Serious :Law and order better in UP than many other states:Akhi

    Haha UP Investors Conclave being held @ Delhi !
    Last year's event at Agra was a total mess....

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