Of all India hangings, less than 5% are Muslims

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    Of the 27 prisoners hanged in Andhra Pradesh till 1968, only two were Muslims.

    ■ Of the 25 hanged in Delhi, only four were Muslims.

    ■ Of the 103 hanged in Haryana, there was only one Muslim.

    ■ Of the 39 hanged in Karnataka, only three were Muslims.

    ■ Of the 78 convicts hanged in Madhya Pradesh, only five were Muslims.

    ■ Of the 56 hanged in Maharashtra, there were only five Muslims.

    ■ Of the 366 prisoners who went to the gallows in UP, only 45 were Muslims.

    ■ Of the 32 convicts who were hanged in West Bengal, only seven were Muslims.

    The report was compiled by NLU researchers from the responses received from India’s Central jails. According the report, in Jammu and Kashmir, the playground of Islamist terror, not one Muslim has been hanged.

    Additionally, in Haryana, Odisha, Rajasthan and Punjab, not a single Muslim convict has gone to the gallows. In India’s capital, Delhi, Muslims comprise 11.7 per cent of the population, making it the second largest community after Hindus. Here for every Muslim, five members of other communities climbed the scaffold.

    Only 72 Muslims hanged in India against 1342 Hindus and others

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