Obama Gives the Green Light to Turkey to MURDER Former U.S. Soldiers Fighting ISIS

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    America has known for a while that President Obama wasn’t helping the fight against the Islamic State group. But allowing another country to openly bomb allies and U.S. veterans fighting terrorism? We never thought that would happen.

    Unfortunately, though, it has. The White House gave Turkish forces the green light to bomb Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State group, many of which include former American soldiers who have joined up.

    According to sources, over 40-50 U.S. soldiers are among the ranks of Kurds fighting the Islamic State. However, Turkey has long viewed Kurdish autonomy as a threat and have included Kurdish groups in their latest bombing attacks inside Syria.

    And now, they have the White House’s blessing.

    The Kurdish peshmerga, which has long been an ally of the United States, issued a statement about the White House’s move on their official Twitter account.

    “Msg. to the American people and the US gov. : Is this a penalty because we fought against ISIS instead of the world?” one tweet read. “After the nuclear deal between Iran and US … Kurds= terrorists … Shiite militias (#PMF)= Forces to protect human rights.” (H/T Gateway Pundit)

    We’ve previously reported on Americans fighting with the Kurdish forces. One of them is Jordan Matson, a 28-year-old from Sturtevant, Wisc.

    “I was looking for a way to join one of the militias fighting against ISIS over a year ago, because NATO wasn’t really taking any action as ISIS grew,” Matson said when he asked why he went over to fight with the Kurds.

    “They said it was an Iraqi problem,” he added. “And that didn’t sit well with me, especially after of all the blood that was shed here by — I’m former military, so my brothers in arms.”

    These are the men that Obama sees fit to bomb. The Iranians, meanwhile, try to build a nuclear weapon to attack either America or our allies, and we give them a sweetheart deal that allows them to continue developing nuclear weapons.

    Thirty years ago, it was actually dangerous to be an enemy of the United States. Now, as we turn a blind eye to the slaughter of these valiant Kurds and Americans fighting against our common enemy, it’s fatal to be our friend.


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