Nuclear weapons, India and Pakistan

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    Here is a bibliography containing a number of articles from various journals searched for keywords "India and nuclear".

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    i think the indian nation as a whole - media , government , industry , talented persons, etc etc should make it an international-national duty of ours to link the word safety aspects to be synonymous with any slightest mention of pakistan 's nuclear weapons ...... the fact that by their own information , their nukes are roving around in vans and all sorts of unsafe storage modes , the proximity of their land to the taleban infested areas , the close friendships of their military staff to taleban fighters - all that adds up to one big hole in the world's nuclear safety situation

    so far the world is oblivious and in a mindless stupor over Pakistan nuclear weapons system and the compromising lack of rigorous safety measures and "make-do" attitude towards these safety aspects

    like September eleven , the world should not have to wake up to another similar event this time due to the pak nuke arsenal and their lack or professionalism

    in fact not only india but the world should do themselves a favour and take up the topic instead of waiting for something to happen first
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    Pakistan is a rouge state with nuke policy as only option for survival.

    where as india, nuke policy is going along with economic, scientific and social development,poverty eradication and education policies..

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