Now, Raja-link surfaces in Wimax irregularities

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    Now, Raja-link surfaces in Wimax irregularities

    New Delhi: Not just the 2G scam, former telecom minister A Raja had also tinkered with BSNL's WiMax deal to provide fixed and mobile Internet access.BSNL's technical committee had short listed six companies for BSNL's WiMax franchise and five of those were floated by Raja's friend Sanjay Kapoor, along with a few relatives.The five companies are WiExpert Communications, SV Telecom Systems, Digitelco Communications, Spectrus Communications and Technotial Infoways.

    All the five were registered on a single date - November 5, 2007 and they have the same notary, same auditor, same witnesses and even the same e-mail address.
    Moreover, Sanjay Kapoor's driver Vijay Pal is a director of one of the five firms.

    Not just that, in its Murky WiMax Deals, BSNL has violated its own guidelines, which made it mandatory for the eligible bidder to have Rs 100-crore turnover per year for two consecutive years.

    The documents available with CNN-IBN showed that neither the shortlisted company, Ampoules & Auto Pvt Ltd, nor its re-born entity Starnet communication Pvt Ltd were eligible as per the guidelines.

    When Ampoules & Auto Pvt Ltd submitted the bid in June 2009, the company was non-functional.

    The company filed its last annual returns in 2004 and said on affidavit that it was in the category of companies with less than Rs 10-crore annual turnover.

    During the bidding process in November 2009, the name of Ampoules was changed to Starnet Communications Pvt Ltd and six years of pending annual returns were filed in just two days.

    A Raja might be behind bars for his involvement in the 2G Spectrum Scam, but it seems that other scams are just beginning to catch up.

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