Now on Sale: China Set to Export New Fifth Generation Fighter Jet

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    Now on Sale: China Set to Export New Fifth Generation Fighter Jet

    China's leading aircraft manufacturer is about to start exporting its fifth-generation fighter jet, according to industry sources.

    In a recent report, China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) revealed some tactical and technical characteristics of the J-31 Gyrfalcon fighter at the last air show in Beijing.

    Li Yuhai, deputy general manager of AVIC, told reporters in November, “Since the start of the J-31's development, we have planned to use the plane to end some foreign nations' dominance of the fifth-generation fighter jet. One of its variants will be specifically designed for export,” Chinese media reported.

    Export of the J-31 would be a breakthrough for China's aviation industry because the plane would give AVIC a substantial boost in competition with Western defense aircrafts.

    The J-31 has a combat range of 1,200km and a top speed of 2,205 km/h. The fifth-generation fighter jet also has a maximum payload capacity of 8 metric tons and service span of 30 years.

    Xu Bangnian, a professor at the PLA Air Force Command Institute, said he expected international demand for the plane as it seemed to be the only choice for developing countries who are interested in an affordable fifth-generation stealth aircraft.
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