Now is show time for China's military force

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    Now is show time for China's military force

    The article says this year will be a show time for PLA military force, world powers need great military force, in the past China prefer to
    have a low key in the international community to develop our economy, nowadays, the balance have been changed completely, China is the great world power now and need to act as such.

    Great world power need to demonstrate world-class military strength, China should not shy from show, or in case needed, use her military power to protect her ever-growing national interests, and to encourage general public's partorism, and allies around the world.

    So PLA should be more open and show their military strength to the outside world, thats why PLA leadship announced this year alone, China military force will conduct 40+ division-level and above military exercises and be ready to call at any time, as CCP leadship commanded.

    The author is Han Xudong, a professor from the National Defence University (the graduate school for PLA senior officers), this article is published on Global Times (which belong to People's daily news group).

    So just expect even more cool stuff from China light-speed growing arsenal to show up from now on :cool2:

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    Absolutely correct.

    The cover of the Peaceful Rise has indeed come to benefit in the rise.

    It is time to show that the Peaceful Rise has given breathing space to the Military Rise.

    Capture of a few islands here and there and grabbing some territory here and there would be the ideal salute to indicate how the Peaceful Rise has been camouflaged and transmogrified into the Military Rise wherein the world lies at the feet of the world beater, China!

    What could be better than showing the muscle and telling the world how the cookies crumble!
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    I guess you gotta do something with all those extra men...
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    Your suggestion is based on the premise the balance has been changed. No such change exists... PLA is still technologically inferior to the major powers, especially the USA and France. China is approaching late 80s Soviet levels of technology, but they can't even make the engines of the Soviets. Jets, planes, helicopters, warships, submarines, tanks... they all run on imported engines. Without that level of self-sufficiency, China is in no way capable of being considered a Super Power. When one looks at the quality of equipment, PLAAF is still based on 2nd to 3rd generation aircraft. The majority of PLA units still are not upgraded to late Soviet levels. Only a few number of units are and those are still testing concepts. PLAN is doing a little better with a large shipbuilding programme, but its not past late 80s Soviets.
    China displays many new weapons but few of them actually get deployed in numbers if at all.

    China isn't more open because they don't want to show their weakness. PLA is a corrupt organisation built on bribery, incompetence and privilege. Officers bribe their way to commissions, graft their way to wealth and build mafia rings to protect it. There is no accountability in PLA and if it was ever tested in major military action, you would see it fumble and fall under its own weight.

    Rotting From Within - By John Garnaut | Foreign Policy

    The article is based on speeches given by Gen. Liu Yuan who is tapped for PLA's top leadership and interviews with various officers and officials.

    So just expect even more cool corruption cases from China as Gen. Liu tries to break up a military based on princeling warlords whose only aim is to protect their shit. Not fight for the glory of China. :cool2:
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    Hope the 'SHOW' extends beyond Govt published articles & internet propaganda.

    Like general public have a choice ??

    I am sorry, allies mean plural. Who is he referring? Pakistan? :lol:
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