Now, China ‘raises concerns’ over India’s rise and military presence

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    It is interesting that the Chinese opine that “certain Indian elites which see China’s peaceful development as a threat.” The commentary laments Indian military presence especially in the bordering areas around China as “more of a political move than a military one”.

    It is indicative that China expects India to remain in the 1990s while she can surge forward into the next century! And if India keeps pace with the ground reality, it means India is misconstruing China's 'Peaceful Rise' that the Chinese arming to the teeth and engaging in hegemonic pursuits are but only manifestation of total Peace upon the Earth!

    Indeed, the beefing up of defences along is border are merely Indian political moves. Therefore, should not that not make China edgy?

    One wonders how Nations with an “envious, jealous and hateful attitude toward China” have been singled out toward bearing the responsibility of any potential “changes in the international and regional security landscape that shall negatively impact upon China.” However, is this to “benefit one country: India, which is being touted and tomtomed by the People’s Daily? And so does it mean that what initially was dismissed as 'political move' is actually a military move and it has spooked China out of her skin? That is so evident from the state-run commentaries that alleges the spread of the “China threat theory” in India and China's coming down heavily against New Delhi for “holding joint military drills with China's neighbouring countries… showing it evidently intends to contain China'.

    The Chinese double standards (their proclamation indicates so) does not indicate that the Chinese pious claims of “commit itself to becoming a force for peace and stability in Southeast Asia". If the Chinese actions means that they are peaceful like aimed at stability, then peace and stability takes a new meaning!!

    China conveniently forgets her shenanigans and sly activities in Pakistan and POK. The arming of Pakistan, new nuclear facilities and proliferation and military activities in POK can hardly be termed as peaceful or building confidence measures with India or adding to stability to the region!

    China should now watch India's Peaceful Rise with patience and understanding as we have done so far for China.

    It is only to bring Peace and Stability that India is undertaking the actions which China is mistakenly feeling that it is anti China or even aggressive. India is but a peaceful nation and is as peaceful as China!
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    Regarding China - action speaks louder than words. You would be a fool to trust them ala Nehru and be lulled by kind words plus a naive belief in human nature.

    They are just creating some hype to try and put India on the defensive, just like how history has been re-written suggesting aggressive posturing on India's part is what contributed to the first sino-indian conflict.

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    These are just diversions by China while they arm Pakistan and give nuclear technology to them and set up a port and steal the waters of the Brahmaputra.
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