Now, a marriage portal for defence personnel

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    A city-based ex-servicemen group has come up with a marriage portal dedicated to defence services personnel. The portal Matrimonials ? Indian Matrimonial, which was inaugurated on Sunday, will provide matrimony services to defence, paramilitary personnel and their children. While the registration is free till Valentine's Day, it will continue with nominal fees after February 14.

    "The aim of the website is to help defence personnel find the right match either for themselves or for their children. Due to postings, defence personnel end up losing connections with their communities and the units where they are serving become their communities. The portal will help them connect with each other and assist in match- making," said Wing Commander (retd) M Thirumaran, CMD of the group.

    According to Thirumaran, the idea of creating the website has been backed by the facts that match-making is at times a problem for defence personnel. "Many of us have even personally experienced these problems," said Thiruraman, adding, "It does not have to be parents, even young captains, majors or equivalents can register to find the right match for themselves."

    The background team, which includes retired services personnel, will provide the much-needed reference checks to ensure credibility of individuals who register with the website. "The defence community is relatively small and it makes doing a background check easier. Besides, there are sensitivities associated with revealing a soldier's personal information on the website such as location of posting, uploading photograph in uniform and revealing the name of the unit. We will filter this information before it finally appears on the website," said Brigadier (retd) S R Mazagaonkar, Director of the group.

    The group has also taken steps to popularise the website among services personnel by approaching various units, formations, services headquarters as well as wives welfare associations of the Army, Navy and the Air Force. "In the first three months, we are expecting 10,000- 12,000 registrations and are hoping to reach 25,000 in six months," said Wing Commander (retd) Hari Haran Nair, HR Director of the group. The website, though categorically for defence personnel, will also be open to civilians for registrations in case they want to find a match from the services, said the group.

    Now, a marriage portal for defence personnel - Indian Express


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