Not only J and K, every Indian state should have its own autonomy

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    Not only J and K, every Indian state should have its own autonomy: Yogendra Yadav - Hindustan Times

    For the first time spelling out its stand on political problem of Kashmir, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Yogendra Yadav on Monday said his party is for “granting autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir and other states too” and “solution to Kashmir lies within constitution”

    Speaking at an election rally in central Kashmir’s Budgam district, Yadav, also a psephologist and political commentator, said, “Every state should be given right to draft their policies as per its need. AAP believes that not only for the prosperity of J&K, but every Indian state should have its own autonomy.”

    The AAP has been steering clear of sparking any controversy on Kashmir issue.

    Yadav’s stand on Monday once again reflected the party’s ambiguity as it failed to come up with any specifics to end the Kashmir problem and banked on broad generalisations.
    Ruling out third party mediation on the Kashmir issue, he said, “There is no need of any third party to resolve the Kashmir dispute and matter can be resolved amicably within the parameters of Indian Constitution.”

    He said an honest approach is required to solve the issue. “People of Kashmir should be heard. They should not feel alienated,” added Yadav.

    He said political parties are using the Kashmir dispute as an excuse for the lack of development in the valley. “AAP are here to address grievances of people that have gone unheard so far,” he said.

    Commenting on the recent incidents of blasts, Yadav said, “There are apprehensions that mainstream politicians are themselves involved in these blasts. Many believe that mainstream politicians are themselves carrying these blasts.”

    Asking people to participate in the polls, the AAP leader said, “No matter even if people choose NOTA option but at least they should practice their fundamental right.”

    Taking on BJP’s political position on Kashmir, AAP’s Yadav rejected the forces pushing for abolition of Article 370.

    “AAP believe in Swaraj. In Swaraj, every village, district, state should have the power to decide for its betterment. Article 370 is a part of Swaraj,” he said.

    Yadav also described “militarization as a sign of weakness of India in Kashmir”. “In real democracy, there is no need of military strength. It is used for external threats and it should remain confined to it,” he said.

    The AAP leader called for decrease in the army's footprints in the valley. “Military presence in Kashmir should be as much as in Punjab, Haryana or in any other state of India,” he said.

    AAP has fielded a well-known RTI activist Raja Muzaffar for the Srinagar parliament seat. He will take on National Conference’s Farooq Abdullah and Peoples Democratic Party’s Tariq Hameed Karra.
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    AAP agenda is to break up India, and is driven Ford Foundation and Rockfeller Fund.
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    Thank you Yogi Bear for clearing that up. Dumpuk.
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    I don't think it is that easy to give solutions to complex problems. AAP certainly doesn't have the experience or the brains to give a solution that easily. IMO, the only way for this problem to end would be to liberate the entire POK and unify it with India :) . But, I may be wrong, there may be other solutions to it. I think that granting autonomy is certainly not the way ahead as it will allow opportunist parties to have a field day.

    This is a very complex exercise (solution to the J&K problem) and requires minds from all fields of intelligence and govt to provide inputs. Don't you guys agree ??
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    Great NOW i would vote for AAP . they need to come to power amend the constitution

    And then RAJ would come to power in Maharshtra and first what he would do this introduce visa system in mumbai

    And merge this thread with already existing thread related to AAP.

    @happy there is solution which india planners are sucessfully using in present context that is having no solution to problem it self . That is having status quo

    And i really donot get why does stupid politicans promises those thing which they can not implement.

    I wish atleast one MP of AAP get`s selected and he brings private member bill which would amend constitution and provide more autonomy to states
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