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    North Korea Moved Some Of Its Most Advanced Weaponry To The Chinese Border In A Sign Of Rising Tensions

    In a sign of the continuing decline in relations between North Korea and China, Pyongyang moved a number of tanks and armored vehicles away from South Korea to the Chinese border, according to The Chosun Ilbo, citing an anonymous source.


    North Korea has reportedly deployed 80 tanks to Ryanggang Province, directly across the border from China. The tanks were reinforced with armored infantry units, multiple rocket launchers, and a sharpshooter brigade.

    According to Chosun Ilbo, this is the first time that such military units had been deployed in Ryanggang Province. Ryanggang was the birthplace of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, and it is subsequently revered by the North Koreans. The province is also strategically located, as it shields North Korea's eastern port cities.

    The tanks are part of North Korea's 12th Corps. Established in 2010, the 12th Corps is one of the North's most modern units and, according to Chosun Ilbo's source, it has been "turned into an attack force."

    The shifting of some of North Korea's most high-tech military units away from the border with South Korea and toward China highlights the increasing distrust between China and Kim Jong-Un

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