North Korea planning another nuclear Test?

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    North Korea Movements at Nuclear Site Spark Speculation of Test

    Movements of North Korean personnel and vehicles near an atomic weapons site are sparking speculation of a third nuclear test as leader Kim Jong Il prepares to hand over power to his youngest son.

    A U.S. reconnaissance satellite has detected movements at Punggyeri in North Korea’s northeastern North Hamgyong Province that may be related to preparations for a third nuclear test, Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported today, citing a South Korean government official it didn’t identify. It may take about three months for the North to conduct a test blast, the report said.

    South Korea’s military is carefully monitoring the site, where activities have commonly been detected, a defense ministry official said in Seoul on condition of anonymity according to ministry policy. The official declined to say whether there have been any abnormal movements in the area to suggest an imminent nuclear test.

    Yonhap News and KBS television reported today that there hasn’t been any indication of a nuclear test, both citing South Korean government officials they didn’t identify.

    North Korea conducted its second nuclear test in May 2009 after the first blast in October 2006, prompting the United Nations Security Council to toughen sanctions. The country may be seeking to showcase bolstered military capability to rally support for Kim’s youngest son and heir-apparent, Kim Jong Un, Chosun said.

    Promotion to General

    Kim Jong Un was made a general and appointed to a post in the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea last month, setting the stage for a hereditary power transfer.

    The six-party talks on ending the North’s nuclear weapons program last met in December 2008. The arms negotiations also involve China, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the U.S.

    The speculation of North Korea’s nuclear test comes as South Korea is preparing for the Group of 20 leaders’ summit in Seoul next month. South Korea has said the nation is on alert for possible North Korean provocations including explosions at “major facilities,” suicide bombings, chemical assaults or cyber attacks during the Nov. 11-12 meetings.

    South Korea remains technically at war with North Korea since their 1950-53 conflict ended in a cease-fire, which was never replaced by a peace treaty. Kim Jong Il’s regime is accused of torpedoing a South Korean warship in March, killing 46 sailors.
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    N. Korea doesn't need another test at least in the near future.

    N Korea and China will jointly celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Korean War. After almost 20 years of suspicion and estrangement, NK and China finally came to realize their mutual interest. NK started opening up to China, and China will resume her responsibility like 60 years ago. Now China's investment is intensively flowing into NK. Within years NK is likely to achieve her goal of economic 'revival'.

    S K, with the US military bases has been criticized by China as a 'trouble-maker' on the Pennisula, while China is SK's top importer

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