North-east militants shifting to Myanmar, as Bangladesh cracks down

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    So whaddaya think. Is it time to go after Myanmar in curbing terrorism?

    They are a useful regional ally after all.


    North-east militants shifting to Myanmar, as Bangladesh cracks down

    2010-09-03 19:40:00

    Terrorist outfits from northeast India have been trying to shift their base camps from Bangladesh to Myammar following a crackdown by the Bangladeshi Army and para-military, the Tripura police chief said here on Friday.

    'Following the arrest and surrender of Bangladeshi trained militants in Tripura and receiving inputs from various intelligence agencies, it was confirmed that northeast militants are changing their base camps from Bangladesh to Myammar,' Director General of Police Pranay Sahay told reporters.

    The matter was discussed in the conference of directors general and inspectors general of police that was held in New Delhi last week, he said.

    'Before they can shift their base, the Bangladesh government may by persuaded to take appropriate actions to nab the militants taking shelter in their country,' Sahay said.

    'Allmost all major separatist outfits of northeast, including ULFA (United Liberation Front of Asom), cadres of both factions of NSCN (National Socialist Council of Nagaland), PLA (People's Liberation Army of Manipur), and NLFT (National Liberation Front of Tripura) have either already fled or were slipping out to Myanmar as the Bangladesh army launched a major and decisive campaign against them,' he said.

    Giving specific instances, Sahay said: 'Recently, the Bangladesh army dismantled three NLFT camps in the Khagracherri area in southeast Bangladesh and flushed out the militants before builing their own helipad in the camp locations.'

    'However, many militants and top leaders are still holed up in Bangladesh,' he said in an indirect reference to ULFA leader Paresh Barua, NLFT supremo Ranjit Debbarma, Biswamohan Debbarma and others.

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said at a recent conference, that Tripura was among the best governed states in terms of curbing terrorism.

    'Our success in combating militancy was discussed and praised at the DGPs' conference in New Delhi. In fact, Tripura and Andhra Pradesh are role models in effectively countering the militancy menace', said Sahay.

    'In 2008, there were a total of 1,561 minor militancy related incidents which went down to 1,297 in 2009. This year, so far, there have been 464 incidents reported and total casualties stood at 15'.

    The DGP said, a few years back, that terrorist-infested areas in Tripura were 70 percent, and have now been reduced to 7 to 8 percent of the north eastern state bordering Bangladesh.

    The DGPs' meet also dwelt on the emerging threat of Pakistan's ISI (InterServices Intelligence) spy agency-sponsored terrorism in Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Bangladesh where some 'modules' were reported to have been set up.

    The Tripura police chief said that while the 'ISI threat is real' in northeast India he did not foresee much of a Maoist scare in the region. 'All such possibilities are being monitored at a proper level and pre-emptive actions are being accordingly taken.'

    Northeast militants shifting to Myanmar from Bangladesh
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    One of problems of Myanmar is its govmt even hardly rule its northern part, which is mostly held by different 'automonous' regions of minority groups like Shan (Thai), Wa, Kachin, Kokang alike. Those ethnic groups share historical 'affinity' with Asom or Naga while economically firmly attached to Yunnan Prov. of China. Consequently how the Burmese military junta (the so-called Central Govnmt) may intervene remains a big question.
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    For this reason, helping Burmese out is most important. If we help them, we get the favour in return too. I hope that our army and Burmese army can jointly assault on terrorist positions and shoot all of them so that in future there is no hostage-capture-negotiation-release cycle repeated. Terrorists should not be kept alive as we learnt from Kandahar incident and still we've kept 2 most ruthless terrorists alive.

    As soon as terrorist leaders are caught, they should be executed and the execution must be televised so that others think 10 times before joining them.

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