Non-bailable warrants issued against B S Yeddyurappa, family in land denotification c

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    BANGALORE: The Lokayukta Special Court Judge N K Sudhindra Rao ordered issue of non-bailable warrants against former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa, his family members and a former minister in two illegal land denotification cases filed by advocate Sirajin Basha last year.

    Besides Yedyurappa, his two sons B Y Raghavendra, B Y Vjayendra, son-in-law R N Sohan Kumar and former housing minister Es En Krisshnaiah Setty were issued non-bailable warrant and directed the accused to appear without fail on March 24.

    The Court issued the NBWs after accused failed to appear in court in the last three occasions for the trial that was scheduled to begin last month itself. Sirajin Basha has field a total of five private complaints against Yeddyurappa and his family members.

    However, the other accused in the case including benamidars of Yeddyurappa were present in the court. The case pertains to illegal denotifcation of government land in various parts of Bangalore City. In one of the cases, the former CM faced imprisonment and released on bail after serving 24 days in jail.

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    Well, at least BJP had the courage to let law take its course against one of its main leaders even in an important state. One of the comments I read in a local forum on Goan polls was that why the ruling party had not taken action against the corrupt in its folds unlike BJP in Karnataka who were indicted in rampant illegal mining, and the people have given a fitting reply there!

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