No intention to topple BJP govt: Yeddyurappa

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    No intention to topple BJP govt: Yeddyurappa

    Days after 13 of his loyalist MLAs in ruling BJP announced their resignations pushing the government into a crisis, Karnataka Janata Party (KJP) supremo BS Yeddyurappa on Monday said he has no intention to topple the Shettar Ministry and indicated he is not averse to presentation of budget by it on February 8.

    "Our aim is not to topple the Government", Yeddyurappa, who quit the BJP nearly two months ago, told reporters here.

    He said if he had indeed wanted the collapse of the government, he would have done it on December 9 itself by getting BJP MLAs (who shared stage with him at the formal launch of his party) resigned then itself.

    Referring to 13 BJP MLAs who wanted to resign, he said they are joining the KJP to strengthen it as the elections are approaching fast. "The intention of these MLAs is not to topple the government".

    On the charge that he is pulling out MLAs from the BJP to prevent Shettar from presenting the budget, "Had I wanted to oppose budget presentation, I would have got 20 MLAs to resign at one go. We don't have such intention".

    Yeddyurappa had said in the past he does not want to take the blame if the Government were to fall, indicating that the KJP should not seen to be behind the exit of the Government-headed by Shettar, a leader of prominent Lingayat community from north Karnataka.

    But, at the same time, the former chief minister had several times attacked Shettar, saying he is "shameless" as he continues to be in office despite the Government being reduced to "minority".

    The 13 MLAs attempt to submit their resignations to the Speaker on January 23 failed as he was not in station, following which they handed over copies of their resignation letters to Governor HR Bhardwaj

    No intention to topple BJP govt: Yeddyurappa - Hindustan Times


    Karnataka politics is totally confusing to me.

    The Governor, Bhardwaj, who was shunted out from the post of Law Minister, has been from Day #1 trying to topple the Yeddyurappa Govt of the BJP, to show his credentials as a loyal Congressman and true Machiavellian politicians, though every time he has come a cropper with much embarrassment to the Congress Party.

    However, the Lokpal's pursuits came as a manna from Heaven and with deft alacrity ensured that the BJP dumped him and thereafter went into a tailspin much to the delight of Birdy.

    In view of the impending elections, like a true Congressman and a politician, and less like a Governor, at the celebrations of Prophet Md's birthday, assured the Muslims that he would safeguard Islam!

    Given his heartfelt distaste for the BJP and more so, Yeddyurappa, who stood like the Rock of Gibraltar to the Congress regaining the State, the resignation of 13 MLAs were music to his ears and he demanded that the Speaker calls the house to order and test the veracity of the BJP Govt.

    Then the current CM, Shettar met Birdy and Birdy agreed that there was no requirement test the BJP Govt on the floor of the House.

    This was most surprising!

    Was it feared by him that Yeddyu would return and haunt Birdy?

    And now, the surprise of surprises, Yeddya says that he does not want to topple!

    What exactly is going on?
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