No change seen in Pakistan's view of India threat

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    ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The Pakistan army is unlikely to change its assessment of the threat from India despite heavy demands on its troops to provide flood relief while also fighting Islamist militants, a senior security official said. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Vision to PAKISTAN 2020

    This Article has written on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2008

    There are lots of future scenario maps doing the rounds. Probably its best to understand the rationale behind them. Since LeT fired the first salvo in its quest for Islamization of India with the audacious commando raid on Mumbai – its better we start here.

    "Pakistan is a country for Muslims of the subcontinent. Therefore, it is incomplete without Kashmir," Hafiz Saeed, founder of the LeT (Lashkar-e-Tayyiba). "Pakistan is also incomplete without Hyderabad, Junagarh and Munabao because these [erstwhile princely] states had announced accession with Pakistan, but the Hindus subjugated them," he said. "That is why it is our duty to free these states from Hindu subjugation and assure their Muslim population that they will become part of Pakistan. This is our agenda for Pakistan's completion. We will continue to propagate it in India through speech and writing and take these states back through jihad. There is no need for friendship with India.THERE CAN'T BE ANY PEACE WHILE INDIA REMAINS INTACT. CUT THEM, CUT THEM - CUT THEM SO MUCH THAT THEY KNEEL BEFORE YOU AND ASK FOR MERCY".

    In 2004 Hafeez Sayeed commented: “The Jews are the worst enemies of Islam. Therefore, there will be no pro-Muslim change. The US economy is worsening. The US is no more as powerful as it used to be. I see a good change in future. Muslim countries will have to unite. If they unite on one platform, they could cause the US's disintegration.”

    The ISI which helped create LeT finds mention for its complicity in the Mumbai attacks in this New York Times article.

    Let us look at LeT’s mentors’ vision of Pakistan that found its way into newspapers in Pakistan – two maps – Pakistan in 2012 (MAP 1) and Pakistan in 2020 (MAP 2).

    In 2012 map,it shows the whole of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi; and parts of Uttranchal, Himachal (the northern tracts that feeds the Chenab), Andhra (Hyderabad section), Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh as the "new Pakistan". This will be brought about INTERNALLY by incessant jehad started internally by the madrassa educated students who are nothing but jahidis in the guise to bring about this reality.This will be facilitated by groups like INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN - who have already co-ordinated with LeT for the Mumbai attacks.. At the same time, EXTERNALLY India will be wreaked militarily by Pakistan, because of cheap military hardware and ammunition bought by our corrupt politicians. If one were to read the recent CAG reports you will find the DEEP HOLE we have dug ourselves militarily – and the fault lies entirely with our political class. Yes, we have the bravest soldiers and pilots, but they need the proper gear, the proper military hardware.

    We have great intel, but we lack a NSA like facility. India has great scientists (look at ISRO), soldiers, intel officers – but we keep getting stymied due to our short sighted and extremely corrupt politicians. India is shining (whatever it is that is shining) is solely due to the efforts of the private sector – one has to congratulate them.

    India today is just not ready to wage a war. Times of India reported : “If you thought the Indian airspace was impregnable from aerial threats or the country had adequate number of submarines to take the fight to enemy shores, think again. The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has now punched big holes in these two critical defence areas."

    And if we continue to have corrupt officials for a few more years – according to Pakistan the “new Pakistan map in 2020” will look like

    By this time, barring a few states in South Indian (note – they are called Disputed territories) – the rest of India is under Greater Pakistan and Bangladesh merges with it - AND 1971 IS AVENGED.

    You can take a look at the India map as it is today and then look at the Pakistan vision of 2012 and 2020.

    Let us look at this from the population angle which I stated a few articles back – let me take out some pertinent statements from there. This population angle is the impetus that gives the conspirators in Pakistan ammunition for their dreams.

    Let us look at India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Even though Bangladesh was part of Pakistan in 1947, for reasons of statistics, I am taking it as a separate country. I will show the population that was there in 1947 and expected population of these countries in 2050. All figures taken from World Bank.

    PAKISTAN: Population in 1947 = 30 million. Expected Population in 2050 = 300 million. A 900% growth over 103 years.

    BANGLADESH: Population in 1947 = 32 million. Expected Population in 2050 = 280 million. A 775% growth over 103 years.

    INDIA: Population in 1947 = 345 million. Expected Population in 2050 = 1630 million. A mere 373% growth over 103 years.

    Both Pakistan and Bangladesh have overwhelmingly Islamic population, hence growth is wholly attributed to them.

    In case of India, there is a difference of Islamic population growth rate and the Hindu population growth rate. Muslims in India accounted for 9.9% of India’s total population in 1951, 10.8% in 1971, 11.3% in 1981, 12.1% in 1991. (CENSUS FIGURES - ACTUAL FIGURE HIGHER).

    Let us look at the scientific data, and try to figure out when India’s muslims become 25% of India’s total population. Will come to why this 25% is important.

    Total Indian Population in 1991 = 816 million.
Indian Muslim Population in 1991 = 101 million (12.1% of total).
% Increase in Total Population since 1981 = 23.8
    Increase in Muslim Population since 1981 = 32.8

    We now make a few rough, order-of-magnitude calculations of the numbers involved and their actual consequences. Using t for time, with origin at 1991, T for total Indian population and M for the population of Indian Muslims,


    Solving for t, we get t=7.81, which is about 80 years i.e. 2070.

    It is reliably argued that when the Muslim population of India will reach 25% of the total population, there will be a second partition of India. (The first one gave birth to Pakistan (east & west) and split of Pakistan in 1971 gave rise to Bangladesh). Pakistan has not forgotten the humiliating defeat of 1971 and every passing cadet takes an oath to avenge the defeat. However, the main plotters in Pakistan who are in their 60s and 70s will be all dead by 2070 - hence the hurry to bring in the break up of India and see the contours of the Caliphate in their lifetime.

    With Pakistan army now embedding its soldiers in the ranks of LeT, Taliban and Al Qaeda for deniable operations in other countries, Pakistan today has now the most potent deniable ops. The complexity of Mumbai attacks has shown the commando training these LeT men received – but for all practical purposes they were trained by ex-Pak Army commandos and ISI handlers making the mix severely potent and showcased the lack of preparedness of India to deal with this sophisticated assault. This assault was for PAKISTAN MAP 2012.

    What really is the aim therefore of these assaults, other than moving the Pakistan Army away from Afghanistan that will allow the Taliban and Al Qaeda to wreck havoc on ISAF, NATO forces in Afghanistan? It has already started blowing up convoys that feed the NATO – these Taliban are completely under the control of ISI and the message Pakistan is sending to USA – “do not mess with us or we mess with you”.

    QUESTION: CAN INDIA NOT ACTIVATE CHABAHAR PORT TO SUPPLY NATO? IRAN today will not allow this - maybe a new dispensation in Iran will.

    The larger picture is the dream of Islamic Caliphate and these maps will show you the actual plan. The first shows the Arab view which leaves India out of the Caliphate - Map 4. However the Pakistan vision of Caliphate includes India - see Map 5.



    However, away from these Islamic plans, Ralph Peters in his seminal work - BLOOD BROTHERS has devised a mid-east map based on ethnicity that is at par with the Neo-con vision. This “future map” - THE AFTER VERSION is a fair map, the Baluchis and Kurds get their fair due. Pakistan is left with a thin silver colored country, de-fanged of its nuclear assets.
    AP 5 & 6: MID EAST: NOW & THEN.

    For India, if neo-con future map comes to fruition it will be saved - however this does not look LIKELY.

    If not, India has a very tough and long battle ahead of it, to see to it that the Pakistan vision 2012 and 2020 does not come about.
    This is something that I received in mail and I thought of sharing as it is unique (FOR FUN ONLY)

    Look at the pattern below followed by terrorists:

    13 May -------- JAIPUR
    June -------------------
    26 July------------ AHMEDABAD
    August ---------------------------
    13 September------------ DELHI
    October -------------------------
    26 November--------------- MUMBAI
    December ----------------------------
    13 January ----------------- Where Next?

    Next might be: Lucknow/Kanpur. Then Goa….

    (To me Kolkata looks like the straight line viewed from a different angle - however this theory is good for visuals only. To think that the terrorists actually thought out a pattern aka the "Freemason way", will be shooting stars - though not a PENTAGRAM).

    If this happens, it'll complete a pattern…. Symbol of Jews….Blasts resembling killing jews….starting from the country which projects itself as global-conglomeration of all religions.

    As someone said, you can be gracious from a position of strength, otherwise this graciousness will be interpreted as “sign of weakness".

    The enemy is steadfast in his vision and objectives and he is driven by the vision of Greater Pakistan as shown above in short term (MAPS 1 & 2) and the Caliphate (MAP 5) in the long term. Let us not kid ourselves that this is a fairytale - at least the jihadists do not think so. Make India prepared for this fight - we are ready, we just need the right politicians. And if not, we will ask the Military to take over.

    To my White Anglo Saxon Protestant (W.A.S.P.) American friends in the "think tanks" get this for real - Pakistan is not interested in only Jammu & Kashmir (J&K). They want the whole of INDIA. If we even dream of parting with J&K - we will make the Pakistan map 2020 a reality.

    Politicians giving appeasement to "groups" and indulging in vote bank politics – wake up and see the Greater Pakistan maps, wake up and give our fighting forces the right hardware. You are ensconced in your "Z" category vacuum and money stashed in Cayman / Swiss banks - you are hereby being warned and put on notice.

    Q) I have a simple question – is it a necessity that we (Pakistan & India) continue to fight with each other at every step? Is there no possibility of following a peaceful path?

    Answer by Zaid Hamid: India, these days, are providing us with sweet comprehensive solutions – that we should foster harmony, peacefully intermingle and co-exist, to come together to create a unified country and increase the welfare of our populace. This will also result in pooled resources and there will be no need for expenditure on arms & weaponry. We will live with complete peace in this region and our unified presence will lead to the emergence of a new world power.

    By God – this is exactly what we (Pakistanis) desire too! We too want to merge with them (India), enjoy peaceful co-existence, not to be burdened by any problems, fights, wars with each other.

    But we have just one demand – and we will agree to all their (India’s) demands, surrender before their will – if they will fulfill only one singular demand or ours.

    Our demand is – that this larger unified territory be called PAKISTAN. And by God, this “Greater Pakistan” is an assured reality.

    The rationale of this lies in the historical assessment of the two countries’ ability to rule. We have observed their (hindu ) ruling prowess and also noted the ability of Muslims to rule. And we can concur that if we need peace in this unified land, then Muslims must rule!

    Because we have ruled them (hindus) for over 1000 years and understood that under their rule – Muslims cannot survive.

    Surely if they (Indians) are sincere about their pledge and need for peaceful integration and co-existence – then let them for a second time unite with us.

    This larger entity we will call Musalman …. Oops .. Pakistan. The voice of Radio Pakistan will broadcast from New Delhi. And then we will live in peace.

    Not a moment before that!
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    ^ They will get a nuke in there face before any of the above maps become reality.
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    LOL... Whatever that keeps them warm...
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