Night reconnaissance must from Porbandar

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    Night reconnaissance must from Porbandar |
    A grand strategy nestled amid idiosyncrasies is
    an invite to disaster. One hopes this fate does not
    befall the maritime air reconnaissance activities
    that were to take place from Porbandar
    airport.Border surveillance during night through
    unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and manned
    aircraft from Porbandar airport is hamstrung due
    to the idiosyncrasies of a few. Else why would
    the Indian Navy be forced to fly its UAVs on a
    few occasions during night using ‘goose lamps’
    from Porbandar?
    There is an urgent need for recalibration in the
    aftermath of a recent alert to Indian Navy and
    Indian Coast Guard about possible arrival of arms
    and ammunition along the Indian coastline.
    Surprisingly, approach lighting system was
    installed about two years ago at Porbandar
    airport, but rarely has night flying taken place at
    this Airport Authority of India (AAI) controlled
    aerodrome. The fact that the Indian Coast Guard
    has an air enclave and the Indian Navy an
    Unmanned Aerial Squadron at Porbandar airport
    since 2008 and 2011 respectively show how
    significant this North-West Region is from
    security point of view.
    The Indian Coast Guard has been constantly
    requesting for night flying permission from AAI,
    but to no avail. When contacted, the AAI and
    DGCA officials had either refused to comment or
    feigned ignorance about the issue. However, in
    November, a central team was in Porbandar and
    had met Indian Navy officials to discuss the issue.
    The meeting was described as a ‘courtesy visit’
    by the AAI and Indian Navy officials.
    “The ability of UAVs to loiter for prolonged
    periods of time has important operational
    advantages over manned aircraft. The longer
    flight times of UAVs means that sustained
    coverage over a previously exposed area may
    improve border security. The range of UAVs is a
    significant asset when compared to border
    agents on patrol or stationary surveillance
    equipment,” say Chad C Haddal and Jeremiah
    Gertler of the US in their report ‘Homeland
    Security: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Border
    Surveillance.’ However, from Porbandar, there
    has been a restricted flying of UAVs and manned
    aircraft during night. This is simply unimaginable.
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    Gujarat sea front and the coast line is the most porous border line of India and callousness on the part of authorities is criminal to say the least

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