NIA busts fake note gang, 14 held

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    DHANBAD: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has unearthed an organized gang engaged in smuggling and circulating "high quality" fake Indian currency notes suspected to have been printed in Pakistan. Members of the gang are from West Bengal's Malda and they had their accomplices in Jharkhand and Bihar.A team of the NIA had conducted a nationwide raid on different places of Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Karnatka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh last week and arrested 14 people. After conducting the raids, the agency found Morgen Hussain and Rakib Sheikh, the residents of Jamshedtola, Mohabbatpur of Kaliachak in Malda district, were coordinating the smuggling and circulation of the fake notes across the country.S K Singh, the inspector general (IG) of NIA, said Habibul Rehman, Abdul Mutalik, Prashant Mondal, all residents of Malda, were operating from Chennai and their co-villagers, Sajib Ul Haq, Manik Sheikh, Anwar operated from Andhra Pradesh, Jamal Sheikh, Akram functioned from Karnataka. "Their agents worked in different places of Jharkhand and Bihar with an aim to destabilize the economy of the country," he told TOI over the phone from Delhi.The investigation also revealed that the accused people were the members of an international network that manufactured and printed "high quality and high value" fake Indian currency notes in Pakistan and smuggled them into India via Bangladesh and Nepal circulated them across the country. The network used bank accounts and ATMs for circulating the fake notes. "The gang members were in communication with the Pakistan-supported suppliers of fake notes operating from Bangladesh," Singh said.Based on the verification report, a proposal was sent to the Union home ministry for its permission to register a case. After getting the go-ahead, a case was registered and a nationwide raid was organized for seizures of fake notes. Twelve teams of the NIA were fanned out to different places in West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana."On January 6, gang leader Morgen Hussain was arrested after an operation in a remote part of Malda and simultaneous raids were conducted across the country," the NIA official said.As a result of the operation, which is a still continuing, 14 persons have been arrested and investigation is in progress. "Searches have led to the recovery of large number of ATM cards, bank passbooks, SIM cards and high-quality high-value fake notes being used in smuggling."Explaining the modus operandi of the gang, the NIA official said bundles of fake notes in the denominations of Rs 1,000, Rs 500 and Rs 100 are thrown into the Indian villages bordering Bangladesh. The accused persons with their aides collect the notes and distribute them to the agents spread all over the country. "They carry the fake notes on train and other modes of transport to all the states for circulation. The local agents collect them in exchange of 60% of the original value of the genuine notes," the official added.
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    Funny how all economy wrecking and people killing projects come from either Pakistan or Bangladesh.
    Instead of fixing their banana republics, Pakistan and Bangladesh seems to spend a whole of time trying to wreck others-

    If we're not battling ajmal kasabs, LeT, Jaish on our cities, parliaments or kashmir - from Pakistan.
    we're either feeding 20 million illegal bangladeshi muslims or spending billions on fences to keep them out.

    And now - considering both Bangladesh and Pakistan have been literally written off as economic basketcases - instead of redoubling their efforts at fixing their economies - they seem to be hell bent of wrecking ours!!
    Just look at Chinese neighbors - Russia, Japan, Tiawam, South korea and although wrecked but subservient North Korea from which illegal immigration is impossible. Look at ours : Pakistan, Bangladesh Nepal. There's no way we can catch up with China just because it has such dynamic neighbors to compete/take inspiration and we are surrounded by Failed states or Jihadist fruitcakes who have no interest in progress - but only over breeding and violence
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    Malappuram fake notes: NIA zeroes in on 2 Pakistanis & a Keralite - The New Indian Express

    Malappuram fake notes: NIA zeroes in on 2 Pakistanis & a Keralite
    By P Ramdas | ENS - KOCHI 10th January 2013 09:35 AM
    At a time when ceasefire violations are creating ripples across the border, the National Investigation Agency has zeroed in on two Pakistan nationals for their involvement in the counterfeit currency case in 2007 in Kerala. The NIA has named them along with a Keralite as accused in the Malappuram fake Indian currency notes (FICN) case.

    According to sources, the accused have been identified as Pakistan nationals and ISI agents Imthiaz Ibrahim and Iqbal Bhai and a Keralite, Kamaluddin, Manikathpadi, of Guruvayur. The Pak nationals are implicated as 11th and 13th accused in the case, respectively, while Kamaluddin is the 12th accused.

    NIA sources said the arrest of Tahir Merchant alias Tahir Taklya alias Dada, a wanted criminal in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, paved the way for getting crucial evidence against the Pakistan nationals.
    “During the investigation, it was revealed that FICN with face value of `35 lakh was given to Muhammed Rafi of Orumanayur, eighth accused in the case, by Tahir Taklya who was the manager of Al-Safar Furnishing and Carpet Shop at Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Tahir’s interrogation revealed the involvement of Imthiaz Ibrahim and Kamaluddin,” NIA sources said.

    Tahir, Muhammed Rafi, Kamal and Abdul Majeed conspired with ISI agent Imtiaz Ibrahim alias Ibrahim from 2007 onwards to smuggle counterfeit currencies to India, especially Kerala. To get counterfeit currencies from Pakistan, they raised funds from the Gulf.

    Abdul Majeed, an aide of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, who was arrested earlier by NIA in the case, revealed the involvement of another Pak national - Iqbal Bhai. “Rs 37.5 lakh of FICN was obtained by the accused from Iqbal who was proprietor of a mobile trading company in Sharjah,” NIA said.

    NIA has already begun operations to net the two Pakistan nationals. It will approach the NIA special court seeking a directive to issue open arrest warrant against the duo. Further, it will seek the assistance of Interpol to bring them to India.

    NIA had earlier established the involvement of Mohammed Alshab, Abdul Malik, C P Sajin, Noushad, R K Usman, Abdul Karim, Moosakutty alias Babu, Muhammed Rafi and Abdul Majid.
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    Good Job NIA
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    the NIA is really working round the lock to nab the culprits..

    A personal experience ,just a few months back a very distant relative of mine,a j&k state employee got caught carrying a big fake currency amount by the NIA.
    Apparently , the money was a bribe from a real estate contractor in his area.

    Now if he doesn't admit the guilt hes a traitor if he does he a corrupt official. I heard he admitted it and is serving 5+years and loss of pension after he confessed.
    Karmas a bitch.
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