New NHK chairman: All warring nations had 'comfort women'

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    New NHK chairman: All warring nations had 'comfort women' - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun

    Couple things here:

    1. Big ROFL at the following exchange -

    He's supposed to be the head of a media company... yet has zero idea of how to respond to an interview, or even what the purpose of a particular news conference is. Also...

    2. The following is incorrect.

    From the reliably pro-Japan rag The Diplomat:

    Momii has also donated heavily to Abe's electoral campaign.

    This is a major blow to Abe's domestic political standing, as it shows that he's put in not just an unyielding nationalist, but an idiotic, unyielding nationalist, to head the state media company at a time when one of his key tactics against China is an unrelenting PR campaign.

    Back in early 2013, Chinese analysts were asking whether Abe could keep his blatant nationalism in check long enough for his soft anti-China approach to work. Now, it seems we have the answer: he can't. Abe's poll numbers are slipping, and this is just another nail in his coffin. Goodbye, Schizo Abe.

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