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    Wow! So personal things get leaked this way? Amazing!
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    Likes can’t necessarily be a basis of gauging a quality of post. Likes can easily be manipulated.

    You can have a bunch of people ganging up to give each other likes just so as to increase the count.
    You can have like minded people with similar ideology who like what the other writes but overall is very detrimental in various forms to the extent they could be key in spreading hatred and much more.
    You can have people do multiple accounts to hike their own counts.
    The possibilities remain endless.

    Let us take the example of someone like Energon who might not be famous with the content he writes, but with the pool of knowledge he has and write ups which remain exemplary, one is bound to take a note of him.

    We gauge quality on the basis of knowledge possessed, the vastness and depth of knowledge, how well can someone analyze, original write ups and the status is handed out irrespective of the background of the concerned person, member could be of another nationality, not a prolific poster, etc.

    It is after a great thought on part of staff that someone gets to be a star on DFI, and we have over a period of time matured the process of selection. Likes received could possibly be the very last things that interest the staff, if at all a consideration, though earlier we used to do “Member of the Month” where things like likes received used to be the criteria to nominate someone, may be we could soon restart with something like “Member of the Quarter” and people get the benefit of likes received there.
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    We have never once looked at the "likes" number to promote anyone. In fact it has not even crossed our minds to do so for all the reasons explained by TR.

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