'New Concepts Should Spring Out of Colleges'

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    VIJAYAWADA: It is in the academic institutions and centres of learning that the real research needs to bloom, stressed Avinash Chander, scientific advisor to defence minister. Delivering a thought-provoking lecture before laying the foundation-stone for the ‘Centre of Excellence in Composites’ at Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering College here Monday, Avinash said the colleges need to turn into knowledge hubs where new concepts would evolve.

    He said the future of the country is decided at the learning institutions, where the future generations will decide what we want and what our future will be. ‘’The country is in need of those who can make things happen and get things done,’’ he said.

    Stating that by his ‘Make In India’ slogan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had opened the vistas for a wide variety of opportunities for the people of the country to develop. ‘’We have proved ourselves in IT and service sector. Now, it is time to make the country a manufacturing hub. In China, 30 per cent of the GDP is from the manufacturing sector while it is only 13 per cent in our country. It needs to be changed and there is a lot of potential in the country for it to happen,’’ he said.

    Explaining the research activities in the defence sector, he said studies are being conducted for producing flexible electronics that can make soldier a fighting machine. ‘’We are working on ways to reduce the weight of an artillery gun from 7 tonnes to 1.5 tonnes so that it can be easily transported to difficult terrains like the Himalayas. We are working on unmanned weapons systems to reduce loss of life. Composites play a vital role in making them happen and the ultimate research in composites would be for replicating human body parts,’’ he said.

    Making a powerpoint presentation on technology challenges and the research involved in land, air and naval requirement of defence forces, he explained about a wide variety of missiles developed by DRDO, DRDL and other Defence Department laboratories. Later, Avinash, along with his wife Anita Mahajan, were felicitated.

    'New Concepts Should Spring Out of Colleges' - The New Indian Express
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