New class of Navy Ship to save HSL

Discussion in 'Indian Navy' started by right wing, Oct 5, 2014.

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    in a fast food joint next to the imperial shipyard
    For me the bigger question here is why a loss making shipyard is being allowed to fritter away public money without massive restructuring and corporatization.
    We can keep throwing scraps in the shape of one or two ships to yards like HSL but the only way we can and should revive them is by fostering a professional corporate work culture and using that to increase efficiency and reducing costs. Once properly restructured and mordenised our public yards like HSL should be able to compete with private yards for cornering the market for merchant vessels in our near abroad at least .

    As for the Ship in question, The basic silhouette does not give much away but it seems a lot of covered space is being left for installation of sensor packages/communication/hydrographic equipment add to that a significant amount of flat pace on the superstructure for installation of Radar masts/Satellite telemetry antennae/other equipment. If you ask me this type of hull can be used for anything from Hydrographic survey to Missile tracking depending on the equipment installed.

    Comparable hull shapes

    Chinese Yuanwang class tracking ship

    A stretched version of the Australian Leeuwin Class Survey vessel.
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