New Assault Rifles for Indian Army

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Which Contender`s Rifle has more chances of winning than others?

  1. Beretta`s ARX160

  2. Colt`s MGI multi-caliber

  3. IWI`s Galil ACE Series

  4. Sig-Sauer`s Classic Series

  5. Czech`s 805 BREN

  6. IWI`s TAR-21 / X-95

  1. Knowitall

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    Jan 31, 2019
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    Honestly i was hoping we would finally get over the ak platform and move over to an at platform but..
  2. Gessler

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    Jan 10, 2016
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    Vizag, India
    Let's not elude ourselves to the facts of the AK-203 deal though.

    This isn't about receiving ToT for Kalashnikov design. We already knew how to reproduce the AK design just fine (Ishapore's Ghaatak and Trichy's TAR are examples). And the AK-203 is not the AK-15, as in it doesn't have any major differences to the legacy AK design, the improvements made are functional, but easily doable on Ghaatak/TAR as well (provided OFB could be a bit more proactive and keep up with the times).

    So tech-wise there's nothing in this deal that justifies spending $500 worth of forex per rifle (adds up to about $335 million going into Russia's pocket over the course of the 670,000 production run) if we assume a 50% or close to 50% stake in IRRPL for Kalashnikov/Rosoboronexport.

    This deal is simply about keeping both the Russians and the OFB happy with one move. That's all.

    But for this money, we could have gotten away with a much much better weapon platform from the West or Israel. Imagine the sheer sums of money we could have saved if we just went with one family of guns with a lot of common parts for the whole requirement like:

    ACE 22/23: Carbine requirement (5.56N)
    ACE 52: Frontline battle rifle (7.62N)
    ACE 32: CI/CT & non-frontline regulars assault rifle (7.62K)

    ...all from one company PLRS (Punj Llyod-IWI JV) and produced in India.
  3. piKacHHu

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    Sep 5, 2015
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    True indeed! What appears to be a innocuous deal for replacing standard issue INSAS/SLR of non-frontline troops is proving to be a major armament change at lowest level of IA. The way they are proposing absurd idea of replacing sterling with short barrel AK 203 is a solid proof that they are slowly consolidating their position as the biggest small arms supplier to IA. Provided that the OFB has got MHA as their captive market where else the excess AK 203 will get absorbed? Moreover, we are introducing SIGs with entirely different design philosophy to our infantry. It makes me wonder how we are transitioning from a single hodgepodge INSAS to a hodgepodge of multiple service rifles of different calibre and design model. Only time will tell which option was the worst one!!
  4. Shashank Nayak

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    Nov 27, 2017
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    Any idea why Indian Army went for AK-203 and not AK-15 ?
  5. Holy Triad

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    Dec 16, 2018
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    Imo, per unit cost is the primary factor,
    Ak12/15 designing went on for few years,where it took few drastic turns(design wise) along the way...
    Here are earlier variants...


    Now it looks like this...


    Just look at the vickers video which was posted 3 yrs before...

    The earlier design featured western style fire selector,non reciprocating charging handle etc...
    But now,they thrown away the older prototypes and fell back on relatively older design(with handful of minor changes).

    These r&d flip flops,do cost pretty penny and them want to "charge" it on per unit cost.

    Tid bit: idk how many of you noticed,traditional rear sight post was entirely removed in the earlier prototypes but restored in the final variant with modifications. New one is slimmer and sleeker(now just retains the dust cover since rear iron sight is moved to the dust cover)

    Traditional sight post




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  6. WolfPack86

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    Oct 20, 2015
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    Russia to speed up co-production of AK-203 assault rifles
    Russia has agreed to hasten the co-production process of AK-203 assault rifles with India during Rajnath Singh`s maiden visit to the country as Defence Minister, officials said here on Wednesday. India and Russia had entered into a deal in February this year to jointly manufacture 7.5 lakh AK-203 rifles, which are yet to be produced. Singh is on a three-day official visit to Russia where he met the country`s Defence Minister General Sergey Shoigu on Wednesday at the 19th India-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission on Military and Military Technical Cooperation meeting in Moscow. “Our partnership with Russia will give a major boost to @makeinindia initiative. Received Strong support from Defense Minister Shoigu for @DefExpoIndia 2020. I also welcome the strong Russian support for early operationalisation of Kalashnikov Joint Venture,” tweeted Singh. India had entered into an Inter-Governmental Agreement with Russia in February 2019 to set up a joint venture for co-production of 7.5 lakh AK-203 assault rifles, which will primarily be handed over to Indian Army troops in the border and insurgency-hit areas to replace the unreliable home-made INSAS rifles. The state-run Ordnance Factory Korwa in Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh has been selected as the joint venture partner with a 50.5 per cent equity stake for co-production of the AK-203 along with Russian firms. Production of the rifles will take place in five phases with the indigenous content planned to be increased from 5 to 15 per cent in Phase I to 100 per cent in the fifth and final phase during which the bulk of the rifles will be produced. “The Russian side affirmed its readiness to operationalise the joint venture Indo-Russia Rifles Private Limited for the manufacture of world class Kalashnikov AK 203 rifles in India at the earliest,” said a statement released by the Defence Ministry. During the meet, General Shoigu underlined Moscow`s commitment to extend all possible support to enhance India`s defence capabilities, including cooperation in advance and cutting-edge technology. The Russian Defence Minister assured Rajnath Singh of robust participation of the country`s defence firms in DefExpo 2020 which is scheduled to be held in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in February 2020. “Shri Rajnath Singh emphasised that the special and privileged strategic partnership between the two countries was further strengthened following the Vladivostok Summit in September 2019. He highlighted the importance of the Inter-Governmental Agreement on manufacturing of spares, components and aggregates in India through joint ventures that would reduce cost, timelines of supply and result in progressive indigenisation,” the statement further said. As per officials, Singh held an in-depth discussion on a range of international issues of common concern with his Russian counterpart General Shoigu who also briefed about the Russian operations in Syria. The Russian side reaffirmed its strong support to India in the field of counter-terrorism and stated that it accords priority to New Delhi`s security interests in the region. The two defence ministers reviewed progress of the two working groups on Military and Military Technical Cooperation. It was agreed that the forthcoming Tri-Service Indra Exercises will be a major milestone in military cooperation between the two countries. Russia affirmed that they would be deputing an officer for the prestigious National Defence College course in New Delhi from the academic year commencing in 2020. India and Russia directed their respective teams to work closely for early conclusion of the India-Russia Inter-Governmental Agreement on Reciprocal Logistics Support. Reciprocating an invitation, Rajnath Singh assured that an Indian military contingent will participate in the Army Parade of Russia on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the victory in World War II. Singh will travel to St Petersburg on his third and final day in Russia on Thursday where he is likely to visit a few defence manufacturing facilities.

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