New Afghan Documentary- A Must Watch for all you Followers of Regional Geopolitics

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    AFghanistan: Outside the Wire

    This is a documentary that I recommend for all you followers of Afghan and regional politics.

    It is recent (uploaded Nov 2010) and is produced and edited by Scott Taylor, a former Private with the Canadian military forces, publisher of Espirit de Corps, a Cdn. military journal and incessant military reporter on the Afghan, Iraq and previous Serbia and Kosovo conflicts. He has made 21 trips to Iraq, 7 to Afghanistan and plenty more to other conflict regions in the world" including the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. He was kidnapped and tortured for five days by an Iraqi-Kurdish insurgency group while traveling on the border with Turkey, in the Tal Afar mountains in Iraq in 2004 and, was scheduled to be beheaded. He was rescued after a Turkish colleague, who was released a day earlier, hooked up with Turkish intelligence agents and took advantage of a U.S. raid on the city to negotiate his release. The video is different, because it is filmed unembedded: that is without the protection of the ISAF or its agencies. It is different because it provides an in dept, intimate interview with politicians, leaders and warlords alike. With terrorists and suicide bombers, and with ambassadors and facilitators of aid organizations. It is different because it understands the core of the issue in non-Western dimensions. The video is not flashy, it is not titillating but it is important.

    Taken from a military perspective, it is a worthwhile watch for any and all of you on the forum.

    I recommend you maximize the media player to get a constant uninterrupted stream.
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    Nice documentary though I have seen many reports/documentary on the same theme.....However, it was a great documentary to watch!

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