Neutron bomb & dawn of Enhanced Radioactive Warheads From Israel

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    Neutron Weapons – Sam Cohen’s ‘sane’ Nuclear Weapon

    Neutron bomb-Lance missile launch
    Neutron shell fired from a cannon

    No one knows for sure which countries possess operational neutron bombs in their arsenal. According to foreign publications, including The Sunday Times of London, Israel has developed Neutron- cannon firing shells and ground to ground missiles capable of carrying Neutron bombs. Says the Times ” Israel’s neutron shells have been tested successfully.” If all of these sources are correct, do these resources add to Israel’s deterrent capability and increase the level of its homeland security as well?

    The role played by Jewish nuclear scientists was crucial in the development of nuclear weapons in the twentieth century and most of their names are well known: Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Edward Teller and others. One name is missing from the list of distinguished scientists, Samuel (Sam) Cohen the Jewish physicist. Cohen was an American who invented the neutron bomb a unique weapon whose effects were fatal to humans and animals but had no affect on solid objects such as buildings, vehicles and the like. Definition media referred to the neutron bomb as a ‘sane nuclear weapon’.

    What in fact is a neutron bomb?

    To prevent any misunderstanding it should be made perfectly clear that the neutron bomb is a nuclear weapon. As a result of a nuclear explosion sealed neutron fission in very high energy levels is emitted, the neutrons being particles without electric charge stemming from the atomic nucleus. The operational principle behind the ‘standard’ Atomic bomb involves neutron particles remaining confined within the bomb so that their energy becomes kinetic energy producing a wave top and tremendous heat.

    The operational principle of the neutron bomb is different since at the point of the explosion radiation emitted neutrons are released in such a concentrated force that they result in a much higher level of radiation penetration of objects. The result of this force means that these highly concentrated neutrons can easily penetrate heavy armor, like that of a tank for example, and destroy all of its occupants.

    To better understand what a neutron bomb can really do it is best to know something about the background and technology involved in the development of nuclear weapons. The first nuclear bombs were based on the fission process (Fission) of nuclei which created enormous energies. The development of the Hydrogen bomb by Prof. Edward Teller was based on a different technology and followed the atomic bomb. The process of Fusion in a combined reaction with nuclear fission, results in atoms being melted together to form a much larger energy source than effected by nuclear fission alone.

    The Neutron bomb developed by Sam Cohen was based on a nuclear fusion process, but a completely different process than that of the hydrogen bomb. Neutron activation still creates a bomb blast, but of a much smaller level than that of atomic or hydrogen bombs. The lethal effect of the neutron bomb lies in its ability to liberate a tremendous amount of high-energy neutrons the power of which are capable of destroying all living things in a widening circle from the site of the original explosion. Unlike the original nuclear bomb and its lingering radiation affect, the nuclear pollution resulting from the use of a destructive radiation neutron bomb disappears within a short time.

    Sam Cohen was born in Brooklyn in 1922. The world of physics occupied him during his entire youth. After receiving his first degree in Physics at UCLA he joined the U.S. Army. In 1944 he was assigned to the Manhattan Project, “which dealt with developing the world’s first atomic bomb. Fat man was the code name for a plutonium implosion- type fission bomb that was dropped on the city of Nagasaki. The role Sam Cohen played involved the investigation and calculations behind the effects of the neutron bomb. Following the war Sam joined the scientific staff of the American giant, the Rand Corporation. His assignment involved the future paths to be taken in the development of nuclear weapons.

    Cohen not only developed the neutron bomb he also advocated its use arguing the effects of this weapon as it only harmed enemy combatants ‘the bad guys’ who are located in the field without effecting the civilians who were distant from a battle site. Cohen believed that the use of the weapons he helped to develop could prevent the deterioration of a possible confrontation involving superpowers, the consequences of which might lead to a global nuclear holocaust.

    From 1958 to 1961 neutron bombs were tested successfully in the U.S., but the American political system decided not to use neutron strategic weaponry and froze its development. Cohen never gave up. When the Vietnam War broke out he began a campaign to persuade the U.S. government to use the neutron bomb against Vietcong fighters. “It would be the most appropriate and effective weapon against the Vietcong hiding in the jungles and rice paddies,” Cohen argued during his many Media appearances. “My bombs can bring a quick end to the war and save the lives of tens of thousands of U.S. troops” – he advocated.

    Much to Cohen’s chagrin, his government would not “buy” the theory. The Secretary of Defense at the time, Robert McNamara, ruled that the U.S. would not use nuclear weapons of any kind in Vietnam. Cohen refused to give up. He never stopped preaching the tactical uses for his bomb, but the outcome was inevitable. Because Cohen’s actions posed a threat to the continued ‘good relations’ between the Rand Corporation in its dealings with the U.S. government, he was fired from his job in 1969.

    The neutron bomb was Cohen’s obsession and when the U.S. did not want to use his services he looked for and found other pastures. In the early seventies Cohen moved to Paris and helped develop the French neutron bomb reserve. Change occurred in 1978 at an event that would change the course of his life.

    Ronald Reagan, the U.S. presidential candidate in those days, visited Europe. Fate brought him together with Cohen. The chemistry between the two was immediate. Cohen explained to Reagan what the benefits of neutron bomb were and Reagan ‘bought’ the idea. “If and when I elected to the Presidency,” Reagan told Cohen, “l’ll continue the development of the neutron bomb and include it in the nuclear arsenal of the United States, including that based in Europe.”

    Reagan not only kept his promise but delivered on it as well. After his election to the Presidency Reagan urged Cohen to return to the U.S.. Cohen returned to the U.S. and the armament process of neutron weaponry for the U.S. Military began. At the end of the process the United States arsenal contained 1000 Wide Range Neutron bombs including bombs designed for potential battlefields. Neutron land mines were developed to be used in enemy territory as well as neutron shells for cannon fire in battlefields.

    No one knows for sure which countries possess operational database neutron bombs today, but according to various media reports there are quite a few countries that have such bombs. China is one of those countries and whose weapon technology is based on technology transferred directly from the U.S. Russia also appears on the list along with South Africa who developed the weapon before the expiry of its white rule. According to foreign reports, and research conducted by the U.S. Navy in which Israel’s nuclear arsenal is referred to as ‘Holy of Holies’, contains ”several hundred” thermo-nuclear bombs, most likely hydrogen as well as neutron bombs

    some examples of these sources as to Israel’s thermo-nuclear capabilities

    • In November 1997 the Australian Daily News Worldnet reported that an agreement in principle had been reached between Jerusalem and Washington whereby Israel might use a neutron bomb on an Iraqi city in the event of a ‘serious chemical or biological weapons attack’ conducted by Saddam Hussein against Israel.
    • In April 2000, an article was published in Crescent International, which was based on ‘military sources, that Israel planned to “plant nuclear mines” in the Golan Heights, in a program secretly coded as ‘David’s Sling’. The mines in question – tiny neutron bombs the size of a baseball – would be planted in the soil of strategic sites and would require the work of two soldiers only. “
    • In a posting by The Sunday Times of London, Israel has created a special project to minimize the number of bombs or shells fired by Neutron firing artillery and mortar pieces in a battlefield situation. Instead Neutron carried weapons would be delivered on the surface by laser-guided land weapons. According to the newspaper citing ‘military sources’ in Israel “neutron shells have already been used successfully.”

    thanks to Ami Dor-on for the Nice Article... @ihls

    i-HLS Neutron Weapons and Sam Cohen - the Developer of ‘sane’ Nuclear Weapons
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