Nepal: RAW terror at its peak!!!

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    Kathmandu: Politics is going from bad to worse. Experts’ claim that it is projected to sink further in the following days that may turn out to be frenzied ever recorded in Nepal.
    Bear with this imposed fate.
    Commotion, volatility and inter and intra fighting among the parties have become the trait of the country’s politics thanks the kind courtesy of Nepal’s “waste-bin” leaders who prefer to serve more to the alien preferences than what should have been the otherwise. The fight continued even May 25, 2011, at GOKARA RESORT.
    Free five Star lunch remains even at the last minute.
    Unfortunate mother Nepal.
    Nepalese leaders will not get better. Even if they want, they will not be allowed to advance for the better by the traditional neighbor-Nepal’s proven arm twister.
    A highly corrupt neighbor is hell bent on tormenting Nepal to the best it can.
    A completely damaged Nepal is in the interest of India and thus the Indian organization dismantled the Institution of Nepali monarchy which, good or bad, was a home grown institution and could have been hard pressed to bring about a change its increasing ambitions and made to become a people friendly democratic institution.
    However, the genuine Nepali population was denied this option and with the implicit support of some proven Nepali version of Lendhups Dorjes’, an order was imposed on the country whose real political definition remains yet to be defined. Which system now prevails in Nepal, nobody knows or was yet to understand.
    Some 12 billion rupees is talked to have been consumed to sideline the monarchy and for the declaration of a secular state.
    Money matters for the mentally bankrupt political animals.
    Great shame.
    Clearly, let’s be frank enough, the Indian enterprise while sidelining the Nepali monarchy had just one schema while pressing the submissive Nepal parties for signing the India meticulously drafted and engineered 12 point agreement, November 22, 2005, which was mainly for overthrowing the Nepal King.
    The King modestly complied with what he was told by the band of Indo-pendent leaders and proceeded towards the serene atmosphere of the Nagarjun jungles, June 11, 2009.
    He inhales now pure Oxygen. Clear advantage health wise. We have been told that he spends much of his morning time in performing YOGA.
    Had there been some more plans in the brains of the destructive Indian leaders, including Dr. Man Mohan Singh and his crew of the sort of Shyam Saran and Muni, Nepal would have run after the King’s ouster in a smooth manner. However, events later proved that the Indian design was simply to turn Nepal a colony and get the things done in its interests by the acquiescent 12 point leaders after the King was forced to go in for a long dream.
    Colonial mindset. Pain of its own horrifying past.
    Though the Constituent Assembly elections were held but its results annoyed the Indian establishment to the hilt.
    How the CA body which housed some 601 national burdens performed since May 28, 2009, is there for all to see. The indecent scenes continue.
    They could be located from brothels to dance bars. Selling Red passport is yet another business.
    Simply repulsive scenes could be noticed. Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood, who almost presided over the first session of the CA body that declared the country a republic and a secular state, held May 28, 2009, stands tall as a witness to the things he observed. His annoyances are for real.
    He was seated at the balcony of the CA house and was all beaming, analysts recall.
    The former rebels, groomed by the Indian regime itself, turned out to be the number one enemy of the one which provided uninterrupted shelter for over eight years in its soil.
    Nepal Maoists must be admired for their political acumen in cheating the ones who excessively used the Maoists for the dismantling several of the home grown institutions by the Indian regime.
    Now the Nepal Maoists have become like an albatross for the entire Indian regime. More so the current RED coalition, under the backing of Prachanda-Khanal duo-has come out as a Himalayan burden for the Republic of India for a variety of reasons and thus the regime in the South would prefer its untimely death.
    The dark chamber foul play is in progress.
    It may consume billions of rupees. After all Nepali allegiance swings from one place to the other if monetary transactions are involved.
    So the Nepalese are taken as BAHADURS.
    While the parties continue to fight and the talk of the CA tenure extension yet remaining in a limbo, the Indian regime in a very classy manner has accomplished the unimaginable.
    Primarily, the Indian regime prefers the dissolution of the CA body. Secondly, the Indian fear is that the RED coalition could garner two thirds-majority and bring about a preliminary draft of the new constitution with RED taste.
    But why the Indian regime wants the Nepal CA body to embrace a death is very difficult to understand. However, intelligent brains conclude that India wants overly stretched pandemonium to prevail in Nepal and under the ruse of the preservation of its security concerns, as it claims every now and then, India may have the chance for a military intervention in Nepal.
    Some declared Indian spies, of Nepali version indeed, will gleefully invite such intervention.
    Lendhups and Jaychands have no nationalities.
    Indian marionettes in Nepal have been supporting the clandestine Indian design. It is visibly clear.
    This becomes evident from the talks and various interviews being made by some declared Indo-pendent Nepali leaders who toeing the Indian line have stood against the CA tenure extension.
    In some way or the other, the talk of the CA tenure extension has been capped with the hasty split brought out in the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum formerly led by Upendra Yadav.
    And with this divide, the chances of garnering two thirds majority needed for the declaration of the preliminary draft of the new constitution has now become a distant affair.
    J. P. Gupta tore apart his mother party-the MJF-and now he enjoys the support of some 13 plus MJF CA members. Upendra has been left in the deep blue ocean to swim. Yadav now enjoys the support of a meager number of CA members of which a handful were already behind bars. Yadav is a sinking horse now. But India has gained one additional enemy for itself.
    Gupta understandably is the Chairman of a new MJF.
    But why this split and that too at such a crucial time? This is mystifying.
    Well, though Gupta had been ventilating his discontentment that his party must not have joined this RED coalition but yet the fresh crack must have been an act which should be more than meets the eye.
    Analysts here have found out some clue, close to logic indeed, for this sudden split. Intelligent brains backed by high placed information supplied to this paper/online edition do tell that “some alien” hands caused this sure shot split in order to depose the incumbent Nepal prime Minister Jhal Nath Khanal.
    The Indian conclusion is that this Khanal government must go because this was a RED government presumably formed with the tacit support of the Chinese regime.
    If so then how can India tolerate the China’s presumed intrusion in its “preserved” play ground that it is?
    China though has distanced itself from Nepal’s internal politics.
    The restive and a highly distressed Indian republic sent some high placed Intelligence authorities of the most infamous RAW-Research Analysis Wing- to Kathmandu with the instructions straight from the Indian Prime Minister, who is himself a proxy one that they should not return to New Delhi until Nepal Prime Minister was deposed.
    This does mean that the RAW men, currently in Kathmandu, were doing their assigned jobs and have already bagged some substantial success, analysts have been told, in their mission “depose Khanal”.
    Sources close to the Nepal PM secretariat have told this paper that three disparaging Indian brains were currently in Kathmandu.
    They are, Mr. MATHUR-the deputy Chief of the RAW central command in Delhi; Mr. ALOK JOSHI-the former RAW Chief stationed in Nepal.

    And as if these two frightening creatures were not enough, Dr. Man Mohan Singh has sent one of his inner coterie confidantes, Mr. H. KHARE as special emissary to Nepal to ensure the toppling of the incumbent government at the earliest.
    Mr. Mathur, Joshi and Khare day in day out have been doing their assigned task by confining themselves inside a Kathmandu Hotel.
    JOshi entered Kathmandu, Sunday with the ID 01042010.
    The same source has told this paper that these three distinguished Indian nationals have been strictly told not to ask for any support from the local RAW office and only to meet those Nepali political animals who were against the Khanal coalition.
    This is mysterious but speaks of a clear division in Nepal politics.
    Reports have it that former Indian Ambassador K. V. Rajan too is loitering in Kathmandu streets.
    Otherwise a modest person, why Ambassador Rajan is involved in destroy Nepal game is mysterious.
    Retirement benefit with engagements.
    The Mathur, Joshi and Khare terror has already hit Kathmandu.
    Add to this the Rajan one as well.
    All in all, Nepali situation is soon to take a perilous turn. Mere three days have been left for the expiry of the CA body.
    But what India will gain after toppling this government is very difficult to understand. At best, anti-India sentiments will surely increase as has already become evident from the Indian GMR office being set on fire and the Indian Ambassador being served stern warning by the common Nepali nationals.
    The three Indian secret agents have already met the sidelined King of Nepal. This has some meaning.
    Ambassador Rajan is learnt to have managed this audience.

    how much truth is this article,

    Is Nepal really a play ground for RAW!!!
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    More than RAW, its the foreign affairs ministry and its embassy in Kathmandu which is very potent in Nepal.The Indian embassy is a vital cog in Nepal's domestic polics even during the days of Nepal monarchy.While the embassy's influence on key political institutions and personalities in Nepal is well known,all talks about India turning Nepal into colony is just left wing propaganda....

    The only time India erred in its policy drafting in the recent years was allowing the Maoists a role in the anti monarchy movement,although there was merit int stitching together an alliance of pro democracy parties and the Maoists to oust Gyanendra,it gave the Maoists a needless political space in the mainstream.however apparently Indian made some course correction since then(only after the left parties quit their support to the UPA)

    India should continue its subtle political efforts to weaken the Maoists and restore their pariah status in Nepal politics.
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    yeah once i heard, that the nepal's Maoist leader came and met the then Defence Minister Pranab Mukerjhi in his residence in Delhi, he came as a simple man, by just riding the bicycle.....
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    All these anti-INDIAN comments are the confined work of the Communists who are backed by the chinese.
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    mere anti Indian propaganda, nothing more than that , I think.


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