Nehru's application to UN on Kashmir was illegal: Subramanian Swamy

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    Q: So where does the relationship(w.r.t Sonia Gandhi) stand today?

    Swamy: I have serious doubts about her involvement in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. I’m shocked that she wrote a letter to the President saying that the four people, whom the SC ordered to be hanged, should not be hanged. I’m shocked by the fact that she gave scholarship through IGNOU to Nalini. I’m shocked by the fact that she enabled her daughter, born after they were arrested, to go to London to study medicine and resettle her in Australia. I’m shocked that she sent Priyanka to speak to her. When I found that she had told Sheila Dikshit to give 1 plot of land near the airport for the LTTE to make a four-storey building, I got it demolished thanks to Mr. V K Kapoor who used to be L-G those days who took the courageous step by demolishing it.

    Q: You are making very serious charges.

    Swamy: So what do you want? You want me to make non-serious charges?

    Q: No. But do you have any substantive proof?

    Swamy: Oh really? Are you the Supreme Court? I produced proof on national Herald. You wait till I get a court order on other issues. You go by my record that I have never been wrong.

    Q: How do you rate Rahul Gandhi’s leadership?

    Swamy: Rahul Gandhi and leadership? They are contradictory terms. :taunt: :rofl:

    Q: Dr Swamy, let’s come to the concept of ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Can you explain what do you mean by ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and how will it be different from today’s Secular India?

    Swamy: Let me start with this. This election was an amalgam of three issues.

    One was Narendra Modi’s governance record. People were convinced that this man can rule the country. And it was a big plus for us because on the other side was the ‘buddhu’. There was no match.

    Second was the fight against corruption which I led. People got convinced that yes these people can remove corruption. There was not a single corruption charge either against me or Modi. So the people were convinced and there was support for BJP as party of honest people.

    Third, the cadre of the BJP which had gone to sleep after 2004, after 6 years of secularism of NDA, they suddenly got fired up that Modi means Hindutva with RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat putting the entire weight behind him. So Hindutva was the third factor. And all three factors are important. You can’t just do governance and expect people to support you. There is large number of Hindus who believe that they have got a raw deal. And it also includes particularly educated young people.

    Now coming back to your question of ‘Hindu Rashtra’, it does not mean that only a Hindu can be a prime Ministry. ‘Hindu Rashtra’ does not mean only Hindus can occupy public office. That is a ‘Muslim Rashtra’, ‘Christian Rashtra’ but never a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

    All through history, even Shiva ji, who spoke about Hindu Rashtra, had a Muslim as commander-in-Chief. In 1857, we made Bahadur Shah Zafar as emperor who appointed a Hindu his Prime Minister. If your secularism is that the church and the state are to be separate, and that is the original definition, then we have already done that throughout the history.

    Second, the Hindu concept of secularism is ‘Sarva Dharma Sam-bhava’ and it means that all religions lead to God. So we show respect to all religions. The Jews came, we looked after them. The Parsis came, we looked after them. The Arab Muslims came and we looked after them.

    Q: You had written an article in DNA for which Harvard had dropped your courses. In that article you wrote that those Muslims who don’t accept Hindu ancestry should be disenfranchised. Do you still stand by that?

    Swamy: First of all, my courses had nothing to do with that. The courses related to Economics.

    Yes, I stand by that statement because it’s drawn out of the partition of India. India was one country, there was no country called Pakistan. So the British had to create a legal entity called Pakistan. So they had introduced a bill in parliament that was called “Indian independence Act”. It was passed in June 1947 after a big debate.

    In the debate, they said that there are Muslims who say that we have no connection with Hindus except for the fact that we ruled over them and we don’t want to live with them. The British said that we can’t abandon them and it’s our job to protect them. So we’ll partition India into two countries – India and Pakistan.

    For Muslims who said that they have no connections with India and that they didn’t want to live with Hindus, partition was created. Therefore, Muslims who wanted to live separately went to Pakistan. But those Muslims who stayed on were people who accepted that they are willing to live with Hindus and they had connections with Hindus. And what is that connection? That is the ‘Scientific study on DNA’, published in the University of Cambridge, Journal of Genetics. There were studies in Houston, Mysore University as well. All these DNA studies show that the Hindu DNA and Muslim DNA is the same. So what does it mean and that’s what I had said. And if you don’t want to identify with Hindus, Pakistan is there for you.

    Q: You are also supposed to be an authority on foreign relations, how do you look at what is happening in middle-east especially the way ISIS is marching ahead with vengeance? According to some media reports, the ISIS has the vision of an Islamic state that stretches up to Gujarat in India. How serious is that from Indian perspective.

    Swamy: Serious enough for us to prepare for war. We’ll have a war.

    Q: War with whom?

    Swamy: War with the Islamic caliphate that will be set up very soon which will include Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    Q: What should the Government of India do?

    Swamy: Start preparing. Send troops to Afghanistan. Make friends with Iran because they are Shiites and those militants are all Sunnis.

    Q: You want India to send troops to both Afghanistan and Iraq?

    Swamy: Yes, to Iraq to save our people and I’m happy that India has send its warship there. India should send at least 200,000 troops to Afghanistan.

    Q: There is a fear that once these Americans leave, these Talibans will get upper hand and they will turn their focus towards Kashmir.

    Swamy: There is no fear, it’s a certainty. Americans will hand over Afghanistan to Taliban and go. And their appetite is Jehad and Kashmir is the obvious place. So we should be ready to go to war. You don’t start the war. They’ll start it and you finish it.

    Q: A related question is, what, according to you, would be the solution for Kashmir dispute because it’s lingering for quite a long time.

    Swamy: Military solution as there is no peaceful, democratic solution. We have to disown Jawaharlal Nehru and say that he took this matter to UN without the sanction of the cabinet and therefore, it’s an illegal application. Withdraw the application from the UN and put Pakistan on notice and clear out.

    Q: Do you think India has the military might to defeat Pakistan?

    Swamy: We can acquire the military might. We have the man power for that .

    Q: Till the time we acquire that, what should we do?

    Swamy: How much time do you want? Have you studied the problem? I have studied it. We need two years only.

    Actually, we can defeat Pakistan even today. But we have to neutralize China.

    Q: But Pakistan is a nuclear weapons state.

    Swamy: So what? Let them use nuclear weapons. We’ll use it on them. There will be no Pakistan left. May be 100 million will die, no problem.

    Q: That was the argument that George Fernandes had forwarded and he was criticized a lot.

    Swamy: I care a damn for criticism. I’m telling you what I feel. You accept it or don’t accept it.

    Q: So you believe India should go all out…

    Swamy: No, you don’t start it. They’ll start it. You just finish it. Once they start it, go whole-hog. If you are afraid they are going to use nuclear bomb, you use it first.

    Q: How do you rate the foreign policy of Modi government? He invited Nawaz Sharif for his swearing-in ceremony.

    Swamy: I would still invite him because in Pakistan there are four governments. Nawaz Sharif’s is a civilian government. The civilians are dying for India’s help because they know they will have to go to burqas and beards once these Talibans take over with no permission for night clubs, partying, cinemas etc. They know it and that’s why are privately telling us – please shake hands with us. So civil society is differentThere are three other governments – ISI, military and mullahs.

    Q: So you are in favour of engagement with the civilian government.

    Swamy: Yes, but don’t take them seriously because they can’t deliver.

    Q: You had played an important role in normalizing relationship with China especially your initiative on Kailas Mansarovar yatra, how do you look at Sino-Indian relationship. China is not willing to release its claim over Arunachal Pradesh.

    Swamy: One day, China should announce that they recognize McMahon line.

    Q: So what is happening on that front?

    Swamy: Nothing is happening at the moment. You have to deal with China. They will not give you anything free. I have confidence in Narendra Modi. He is a clear person and he’ll take it forward.

    Q: Final question. How is it that You are so resourceful in terms of information that not many people are privy to. What is the secret? How do you manage all this?

    Swamy: It’s built over many years. And I have some advantages. I was educated in Delhi. DPS - From Class 1 to 12. Then I did B.A. from Delhi. Then I was IIT professor also.

    Second, my class mates ended up being secretaries. My father was a secretary. My father-in-law was an ICS man. So it’s a huge network. But most important of all, I never betrayed anybody for giving me information. I have tried to help people. So it’s the confidence in them that if Swamy seeks any information then he’ll not betray you, he’ll act on it. In this whole 2G case, Raja’s secretary came here and gave it to me.

    Q: So all the corrupt people are now afraid of Dr Subramanian Swamy.

    Swamy: Yeah, I know that. Not in other parties only but in my party as well.

    Q: Don’t you think you would have been a better journalist with your vast network?

    Swamy: You want me to leave politics? Then you must be a friend of Sonia Gandhi. If I had been a professor, I would have got Nobel prize in economics. I was the joint author of world’s most famous paper on the theory of index numbers with Paul Samuelson and he himself declared that Swamy will get Nobel prize if he writes two more such articles. But I gave it up, I came to this country, suffered for it because I joined Jansangh, big mistake as people thought. But I wanted to join because I wanted to bring about ‘Hindu Renaissance’.

    Read full interview: Somebody misled Modi to say nation needs 'bitter medicine', says Subramanian Swamy (India TV Exclusive)

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    Re: Nehru's application to UN on Kashmir was illegal: Subramanian Swam

    This man just Rocks. Whenever he said on anything or any Topic its really the Truth.

    Perfect about the inclusive defintion of hindu Raashtra.

    Perfect about the prediction about ISIS.Sooner rather than Later, the ISIS will turn its attention on Kashmir or India. Its a certainity.And why shoud we
    be afraid about it. Its long time since we kicked Islamic Asses, I mean the Destructive ones.

    Also, would like to add Pakistan wont attack India, it is too scared, its a Failed State ANyway.
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    Re: Nehru's application to UN on Kashmir was illegal: Subramanian Swam

    I also like Swami some what.

    Hardcore Nationalist people understand the root cause of problem but liberals are just nuts they try to ride on 2 boats in same time. Liberals are Naa gharka naa ghatka. For example Liberals fail to understand that you cant satisfy both when their interests are opposite in same time.

    Either we will wipe them out or they will wipe us out.

    Wish this man a good luck and life.
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    Re: Nehru's application to UN on Kashmir was illegal: Subramanian Swam

    the like i gave your post is well-deserved Bhai-saab, alas it does not include the last sentence.
    IMHO packland is on the way towards failure but it is still far too early to brand it as failed.... they still
    have great resilience and resources including HR...and it is always a mistake to underestimate others.

    as for attacking India , all it takes is one madman and again they are rich in such resources.
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    Re: Nehru's application to UN on Kashmir was illegal: Subramanian Swam

    I agree with you. But they cannot win a conventional war. And their military is too stretched right now in internal affairs.
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    Re: Nehru's application to UN on Kashmir was illegal: Subramanian Swam

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    Re: Nehru's application to UN on Kashmir was illegal: Subramanian Swam

    On Friday in Arnoob's show a former Paki Admiral openely threatened to attack India and the taklu Peerzada also did the same.

    Arnoob ridiculed if Admiral remember what happened to Pak navy in 71. :rofl:

    When these Pakis threatened India all of the Indian panelists started laughing and Pakis panelists got irritated and frustrated.
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    Re: Nehru's application to UN on Kashmir was illegal: Subramanian Swam

    This guy wants to 'win' a nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan? hahahahaha
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    Re: Nehru's application to UN on Kashmir was illegal: Subramanian Swam

    Congratulations, you have your own version of Zaid Hameed, lol.

    Watch him talk Hinglish, this is hilarious. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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