Negative Influence Of SM and Cultural Marxism On Civilisational Values.

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    Hi guys,

    This thread will detail SJW culture and develop tactics to counter them. The ongoing Culture War needs to be addressed in detail. Let's take these commies down for good.

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    How commies intend to takeover your video games.

    We Can Win Gamers Over to Socialism
    Steve Bannon sees video games as a natural terrain for the far right. But between unionizing game workers and increasingly political games, there's room for the socialist left in gaming, too.

    In 2005, Steve Bannon developed a keen interest in video games. The future Trump strategist joined Internet Gaming Entertainment, a Hong Kong-based company that developed a scheme to make money off of the popular online game World of Warcraft. IGE employed Chinese workers for poverty wages to log on to the game and complete repetitive tasks that earned small amounts of in-game gold. The company then sold this gold to Western gamers for real money. Bannon raised $60 million for IGE, much of that money coming from Goldman Sachs.

    This “gold farming” operation did not last long. Considered cheaters by World of Warcraft’s creators and fans alike, IGE was banned from the game and sued out of existence. The experience, however, taught Bannon an important lesson. Bannon later told author Joshua Green that gaming is “populated by millions of intense young men [who are] smart, focused, relatively wealthy, and highly motivated about issues that mattered to them … These guys, these rootless white males, had monster power.”

    Bannon and other right-wing intellectuals learned to utilize that “monster power,” within the world of video games and beyond. A politically mobilized sense of wounded white entitlement has lead to the Right dominating the popular discourse about video games. The paradigmatic gamer is one of Bannon’s intense, young, white men, someone who visits 4chan and bought into the unctuous outrage of Gamergate. Some people write games off as irretrievably lost to this demographic.

    The reality of video games has always been more complex. Women, people of color, and LGBTQ people play, make, and take inspiration from video games. But it is true that the industry — particularly due to its marketing strategies and work culture — and some fans have done their best to marginalize these populations. The Left never distilled its own experiences in gaming in the way Bannon and others did for the Right. Fortunately, this imbalance is shifting. Game workers are talking unionization, socialists are streaming on Twitch, and developers are experimenting with politically themed games. In his new book, Marx at the Arcade, scholar and games enthusiast Jamie Woodcock makes an important contribution to this effort.

    The book is a throughgoing and accessible Marxist analysis of the video game industry and culture. It is both a materialist account of how video games are made, and also an insightful description of what it is like to be a leftist gamer. Marx at the Arcade makes the case that games are important cultural commodities worthy of analysis and gives leftists the tools and language to undertake this analysis.

    The Video Game Origin Story
    Video games’ potential to serve the interests of both the Left and Right goes back to the medium’s origins. Tech workers within the military industrial complex created the first video games. These included war games, designed to model nuclear conflict between America and Soviet Russian, and playful diversions like tic-tac-toe and blackjack. The game Spacewar! was a landmark for the medium. Designed by MIT student Steve Russell, the game “came from the early culture of ‘computer science freaks’ that stood in opposition to institutions and the military.” Russell and other early programmers were impacted by the upheavals of the 1960s, and were more interested in creative collaboration than making money or serving the military.

    While some of the earliest video games were subversions of work within the military-industrial complex, the medium has also played a supporting role for US empire. Game studio Treyarch hired Oliver North to consult on and promote Black Ops II, an instalment in the popular Call of Duty franchise. The franchise is famous for its valorous depiction of war, and by hiring North the studio also helped burnish his image. Game studios frequently hire military consultants to advise on projects. The end goal is to add gritty realism to games, but Woodcock also shows how history is often rewritten in games to present the military intervention as righteous and exciting.

    who explains, “Video games expose our brand to a young audience who are considered possible future owners.”

    These business relationships put pressure on game developers to depict guns and armed conflict in exciting, heroic terms. It is an example of one of the many ways the US empire organizes and disseminates ideas justifying its imperial presence around the world. This analysis clarifies how the video game industry is a location for resistance to that imperial project. Games have glorified imperial conflict, but they have also undermined the work of empire in creative ways.

    The game Spec Ops: The Line is an example of this creativity. In it, players take control of a squad of elite soldiers who fight their way through a ruined Dubai. The game has the mechanics and trappings of standard war-themed games, but instead of portraying lantern-jawed heroes standing atop the corpses of vanquished enemies, it explores PTSD and the aftermath of war crimes. Woodcock explains how “[t]he resulting game poses rhetorical questions like, ‘What kind of person likes virtual killing enough to spend hours engaged in it?’… It also points toward other ways of making and playing games about military violence.”

    Passion, Play, and Productivity
    From their humble origins, video games have grown to be one of the most profitable sectors of the entertainment industry. Marx at the Arcade takes the reader inside the “hidden abode” of video game production to show us where these profits come from. This tour takes in the global supply chain that includes warehouse workers, rare earth miners, and assembly line workers, highlighting the often invisible labor that is necessary to put a controller in the player’s hand. But Woodcock focuses on the challenging work of game design.

    As video games have become more prominent, harsh working conditions in the industry have gone from open secret to common knowledge. To justify these conditions to workers, the industry exploits the deep passions of game designers. There are countless stories of the incredible energy and dedication of people who make games, including people who work for free modifying games. Studio bosses can effectively use that passion to justify exploitative business practices.

    As Woodcock explains, crunch (the industry term for the long, demanding hours during game production) is “a deliberate managerial strategy” designed to extract greater surplus value from workers. Because crunch is so common in the industry, “managers have a skewed understanding of the timing for game development,” and this skewed understanding only leads to more crunch in the future.

    Crunch also has the effect of forcing women out of the workplace. In a society where women are expected to take on the majority of social reproductive work, such as caring for dependents or doing household chores, ninety-hour work weeks are simply not feasible. This employment culture thus selects for and reinforces a mostly male and young workforce.

    Workers in the industry are beginning to rebel against these practices. For example, workers at Riot Games, walked off the job in protest of the company’s toxic work environment. Woodcock dedicates an entire chapter to describing how game workers are starting to organize. As in other sectors of the tech industry, there is a burgeoning radical consciousness within gaming, the leading edge of which is Game Workers Unite. In a context where militant workplace action is being revitalized and tech workers are starting to look to unions, this opportunity cannot be ignored.

    These are promising developments. Organized game workers can more effectively push back on their bosses and challenge to the “rootless white men” Bannon praised. This challenge could take many forms. In the 1980s, industry elites consciously decided to market games primarily to younger men, a decision that has had profound political ramifications. Organized workers might be able to challenge such decisions, forcing the industry to embrace the broad spectrum of game fans.

    Video Game Criticism
    Rejecting both fanboy boosterism and moralistic denunciations, Marx at the Arcade offers a refreshing approach to video games analysis. Woodcock never loses sight of the fact that the material conditions behind game production shapes the stories games tell and how they tell them, but does not reduce its analysis of the medium to these material conditions. The book highlights how it feels to actually play a game, what makes it fun, and why that participatory aspect matters when discussing what a game communicates as a cultural product.

    In discussing the first-person shooter genre, Woodcock is not afraid to acknowledge that running around a battlefield killing enemies can be a blast, even as it normalizes the vicious logic of armed conflict. In the multiplayer game Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), a team of keffiyeh-wearing “Terrorists” square off against “Counter-Terrorists” for short, competitive matches. The in-game political stakes are never explained, though the pro-Western implications are clear. Despite these design choices, the game is fun to play because it combines skill, level design, and animation into a immersive feedback loop. CS:GO’s mechanics and politics operate semi-independently, and it is impossible to understand the game, or its broad appeal, without grappling with both elements.

    Sid Meier’s Civilization games are a similar mixture of circumscribed political imagination and fantastic game design. The games task the player with building a globe-spanning society from the ground up. The player is in constant competition with other civilizations, and must dominate them either militarily or culturally in order to win. The games’ rules “naturalize capitalism, with its dynamics of accumulation, imperialism, and conflict,” yet “this critique is not to say the game is unplayable — the reality is these kinds of games are incredibly compelling.”

    Civilization’s complex, interlacing rules are challenging to master, but never arbitrary or unfair. The experience of slowly expanding one’s civilization is satisfying and addictive. Instead of condemning the franchise, Woodcock reveals what makes the games fun, and uses their limited politics as a jumping off point for analysis.

    No game needs explicitly political messages to be worthy of the Left’s attention. They do not have to educate players on key moments of history, or the perils of imperial violence. Video games contain much for socialists to both criticize and celebrate. Marx at the Arcade models a creative and compelling way to do this.

    The Future of Video Games
    Video games are a medium of contradictions. They are an art form dedicated to fun, to unproductive play. Yet they are designed and created under notoriously demanding working conditions. The earliest games were subversions of work within the military industrial complex. At the same time, some games ideologically supported US empire. Games have the power to gather people from around the world in one virtual space to play together; yet that space is frequently redolent with the worst sexism, xenophobia, and racism our culture has to offer.

    To paraphrase Terry Eagleton, video games are part of the ideological apparatus that justifies our society’s worst impulses and realities; but they also contain meanings and traditions that challenge that apparatus.

    Marx at the Arcade wants the Left to understand that these contradictions can be resolved in our favor, or to the benefit of our adversaries. Video games have become one of the biggest players in pop culture and entertainment. As Steve Bannon recognized over a decade ago, games are a cultural site where ideologies can be clarified and mobilized. Radicals should not abandon this cultural terrain.

    The book also wants us to understand that play is an essential part of being human. We do not play video games primarily to challenge reactionary politics, but because they are fun, and they can tell personal, engaging stories. Modern capitalism leaves little room in our lives for idle play, so socialists should embrace any art form that revels in it.
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    Here's an excellent read on SJW tactics and how to counter them.

    The Phases of a Geeker Gate

    First we must thank Jeff from World Class Bullshitters for coming up with the initial idea for someone to map this out, when Ethan Van Scivermentioned that all of the “Gates” had a similar pattern.

    Since publishing my initial blog post which outlined The Phases of a Geeker Gate, I’ve received feedback and criticism from Ethan Van Sciver, Veeh, World Class Bullshitters, various commenters on this blog, and others. So I’m going to update these Phases one more time, taking into account that feedback and criticism, and adding a few additional thoughts of my own.

    This will always be a work in progress, as SJW tactics shift and change over time. So it’s going to be up to fandom to take this information which I’ve based on my own experience and research, and feedback from others, and keep it updated.

    My primary interest is in film and television. So others that are more deeply involved in comics, novelizations, video games, board games, role playing games, card games, etc., may have additional insight. Getting the input of an avid war gamer will be particularly helpful in developing effective counter measure strategies in order to effectively push back the SJW hordes.

    In this outline, IP stands for Intellectual Property, and is meant to be a general term to encompass many different types of franchises and industries.

    You can read the 1st draft of the Geeker Gate here, the 2nd draft here, the 3rd draft here, and the fourth draft here.

    Your local college is producing these uneducated savages.


    1. SJW CRITICISM – A popular IP is criticized by SJWs for being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, and a smattering of other things. This will often manifest in media articles and academic papers which push this false narrative. This phase can take place over the course of years, or even decades.

    2. IP IS ABOUT TO UNDERGO REBOOT – or reimagining, or remake, or whatever term is fashionable at the time. The rebooted production will tout “firsts,” first female, first person of color, first LGBTQ+, etc., even if the IP has already had them before. They do this to contrast their new version as far more virtuous and progressive than the previous version, which they spent years or decades labeling as racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, etc.

    3. THE BARNACLING – SJWs barnacle themselves to the IP within the production, and start transforming the IP from its original form. SJWs sometimes refer to this strategy as entryism. Production staff make claims that long time customers will stay with the IP no matter what the changes are. SJWs outside of the production barnacle themselves to the customer base, and start lecturing long time customers, calling them “entitled” or “toxic.” Shill media SJWs write articles pontificating about how diversity is good business and touting diversity “firsts,” without regard to the fact that the IP may have already been diverse for years or decades.

    4. CUSTOMER CRITICISM – Long time customers of the IP voice legitimate criticism of the new direction.

    5. SJW RESPONSE TO CUSTOMER CRITICISM – A large customer backlash is created when SJWs both inside of the production, and outside of it in the customer base and shill media, falsely accuse critics of being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, etc., usually to protect a criticized political message being pushed by the newly transformed IP that the customer base is criticizing. SJWs will also attempt to stigmatize use of the term “SJW” as a pejorative, so that you’re unable to identify the problem and articulate points. SJWs will completely ignore female, people of color, and LGBTQ+ critics, and/or marginalize their voices.

    6. DISMISSING AND IGNORING THE BACKLASH –Shill media publishes pieces declaring that the backlash doesn’t exist. Shill media also publishes pieces instructing others to ignore the “tiny vocal minority,” some of whom used to be the old “gatekeepers” of the community.

    7. SUPPRESSING THE BACKLASH – Blogs, internet forums, social media, and other websites delete or otherwise “redact” critical comments and posts in discussion forums under the aegis of “hate speech,” and may even engage in the complete banning of accounts. Some websites remove their comments sections altogether. Oftentimes the media will use race and gender in their articles in an attempt to shame a backlash into silence.

    8. BACKLASH INTENSIFIES – As an inevitable side effect of suppression the Streisand Effect takes hold, as customers seek out other venues to express their criticism, and some publish their own, growing the backlash exponentially.

    9. HATE HOAXES, FALSE FLAGS & CLONED ACCOUNTS – The rank and file SJW activists in the customer base get heavily involved in shouting down critics, and creating hate hoaxes and false flags in an effort to discredit those critics. Such efforts are also intended to be picked up by shill media outlets, which will then report on them to further mischaracterize the critical customers. SJWs will create cloned social media and discussion forum accounts that mimic known critical voices, in an attempt to discredit them and/or divert payments/donations for products or causes away from the critical customer. SJWs will often operate hidden forums where these tactics are organized.

    10. ESCALATION OF ATTACKS – SJWs will report posts as spam or a violation of rules, and attempt to get social media accounts suspended, and posts deleted. SJWs will start to send out false press releases to rival websites in an effort to discredit their critical competitors. SJWs will begin to search through public records such as child support or foreclosures in an effort to embarrass loud voices, a practice known as doxing. SJWs will send out phishing attempts in an effort to gain personal information. SJWs may attempt to contact the workplaces of loud voices, in an attempt to punish critical customers financially for speaking out. SJWs may attack normal people with physical violence.

    11. IP FAILURES – The IP starts to falter as customers start to drift away and sales begin to plummet. This is either due to a drop in quality of the IP, or the poor treatment of the customers, or a combination of both. Oftentimes, officials from the IP will attempt to place the blame on poor marketing.

    12. THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS – A female member of the production (it could also be a member of the LGBTQ+ community) is granted victim status over a fishy event in order to deflect from the failures of the IP, and shame critical customers into silence. The damsel in distress is used as a political pawn both by the SJWs inside the IP, and the SJWs outside of the IP in the customer base and shill media. If the first Damsel In Distress doesn’t quite work, another one will come.

    13. DESPERATE PLEAS FOR COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT – “White Knights” in the shill media call for creative authorities to smack down the backlash, and restore control of the narrative in response to The Damsel In Distress event. Shill media publishes multiple articles with the same talking points and catchphrases such as “toxic fan base” or “bad faith” in an effort to mischaracterize the customer base. Major news outlets report on the story, and quote those “think” pieces as authoritative.

    14. ANSWERING THE CALL – Celebrity and creative cast & crew SJWs inside of the IP answer the shill media’s call, and make public statements admonishing critical customers, typically over false accusations. Critical customers will respond to the admonishments, and SJWs will call that response “abuse” and/or “harassment,” sometimes alluding to the notion that “creatives” deserve special consideration. Remember, what SJWs call “abuse” and/or “harassment” when customers do it, they call “activism” when they do it.

    15. THE FINAL PUSH – Shill media entities, and rank and file SJWs tell long time customers to go find something else if they don’t like it anymore, in a last ditch effort to push critics out of the “community” once and for all. “Don’t like it, don’t buy it.” This can also come in the form of the more friendly phrase, “Why don’t you focus on the things you love, instead of on the things you hate?” They will also engage in Gaslighting, a method of psychologically manipulating an adversary into thinking that they’re crazy. This will oftentimes come in the form of the SJW saying that their brand of politics has always been in the IP from the very beginning.

    16. IP BLEEDING – The IP starts to hemorrhage money, as long time customers begin to abandon the IP in droves.

    17. CUSTOMER BASE OBLITERATION – The customer base is utterly destroyed, leaving behind only the small handful of SJWs who don’t make any purchases.

    18. THE END – The new incarnation of the IP comes to an end. Since the majority of the customer base has abandoned it, there’s no more controversy or discussion about it. It’s over. The best case scenario is that the original IP is largely forgotten with the exception of a few die-hards who still carry the torch. The worst case scenario is that the new incarnation of the IP overwrites the original, and the original IP is forgotten altogether and overshadowed by the new incarnation in all future shill media mentions.

    19. MIGRATION – The SJW is primarily interested in popular IPs that have a large audience, which can serve as a vehicle to spread their political message as widely as possible. Therefore, the remaining SJWs jump ship from the decimated IP, to devour a new IP that is popular and undergoing a transitional phase that they can barnacle themselves to through entryism.

    20. REBIRTH – The process begins again, in the newly targeted IP. If normal creators have jumped ship from the targeted IP and start fresh in their own endeavors, SJWs will chase them down on the internet and in real life, to endlessly harass them in an effort to destroy their ability to make that new effort a success. The new effort will be maligned with the help of the SJW legacy media.

    Sometimes these phases might be skipped, sometimes they may happen in a slightly different sequence.

    Now, this isn’t just happening in geek IPs. It’s happening in every cultural institution in America, and it’s known as “The Long March Through The Culture.” So the Geeker Gate serves as a microcosm of what is happening in the much larger scale cultural civil war. To understand the foundational and historical basis for Geeker Gates, read this blog post here. There is also a 2nd and 3rd follow up to that brief lesson on the history of the Culture War.

    When SJWs start calling you a Nazi, remind them that it is them who more closely resemble that failed political ideology. You can read more about the Nazi’s genuine history here. When they try to connect you with the Ku Klux Klan, remind them of the Klan’s history, which you can read about here. When they start screeching about representation, tell them the narcissistic basis of needing representation, which you can read more about here. Remember, SJWs are ineducable so they won’t benefit from this. But young onlookers who are watching the conversation might.

    Understanding SJW behavioral patterns in the Phases of a Geeker Gate, allows us to use that knowledge to develop countermeasures.


    Some have suggested that there are Crisis Management Firms who orchestrate these events. If that is the case, then the fact of the matter is that they’re likely using critical customers to perpetuate controversy and generate artificial buzz over the IP, since the material itself just isn’t good enough to do that on its own. In which case there’s really only one real countermeasure available to us; to simply walk away and cease all purchasing of any products or services related to the IP immediately upon getting the very first whiff of SJW politics before any of this even starts, and to not comment on any of it at all. Offer them total and utter silence on the matter. Just walk away.

    That’s a monumental task. Particularly with large customer bases that have people of varying perspectives. And frankly nearly impossible, given that most people have some natural fight in them. So I offer the following countermeasures for consideration. Again, it will be up to fandom to continue to update and develop these countermeasures.

    Please keep in mind that these countermeasures are as of yet untested, and will need further refinement.

    Here they are in no particular order:

    1. OFFER ALTERNATIVES – During Phase 1 before the rebooting begins, when SJWs come sniffing around looking for gender and race issues, kindly suggest to them that the IP is not for them. Nicely offer alternative IPs that might be more to their liking, and even suggest that they might be talented enough to create their very own IP in their own SJW image. Honey works better than vinegar here, you can’t be sarcastic, you have to come accross as genuine.

    2. CONTACTING THE IP MANAGEMENT – This is challenging, because SJWs are political activists and propagandists rather than genuine artists or entrepreneurs. Their primary concern of pushing a political message will always outweigh their desire for profit; a word that they often spit out as a pejorative. They see themselves as cultural managers or stewards, rather than blue collar workers producing a widget, or managers operating a business. So this will have limited effect once they take hold inside of an IP, but anything is worth a shot. As soon as the rebooting production begins, contact CEOs and other management and let them know that you will walk away from the IP if SJW politics are pushed, and that you’ll encourage others to do the same.

    3. CONTACTING SHAREHOLDERS – This is more powerful than contacting anyone inside of the IP. The shareholders are motivated by profit because of their investment; th1ey expect a return They are the ones with real power. It’s best to contact them when the rebooting process begins, to let them know you will walk away if SJW politics appear.

    4. SEND SHAREHOLDERS THE PHASES – Very early on, send all the shareholders copies of The Phases of the Geeker Gate, so that they can watch it happen in real time as it occurs. This may help to create a sense of urgency in them.

    5. CONTACTING MERCHANDISING MANAGEMENT – After SJW politics make an appearance, contact the management and CEOs of toy companies, book publishers, T-Shirt manufacturers, and any other merchants connected with the IP. Let them know that you’re walking away from the IP and their products because of the SJW politics being pushed, and that you’ll encourage others to do the same.

    6. CONTACT ADVERTISERS – If there are any advertisers connected with the IP in any way, you can start a list of them and contact them, perhaps even going so far as to suggest a boycott of their products if they don’t withdraw advertising from the IP.

    7. BOYCOTT – As soon as possible. Withhold your purchasing power from all films, toys, t-shirts, comics, novels, merchandise of any kind the very first moment that SJW politics appear. Do not give television or streaming shows any ratings. Encourage others to do the same, and inform the shareholders that you are doing this. If you really have to satisfy your craving for material related to the IP, purchase vintage material from eBay that was produced before the rebooting.

    8. BUYCOTT – The opposite of a boycott. Purchase products and services from any personalities or entities who support your side, and encourage others to do the same. Advertise the fact that you’re using the money you’re saving from the boycott, to fund the parties who understand and support your criticisms.

    9. CONTACT RETAILERS AND MERCHANTS –There’s a school of thought that says if the upper management is politically motivated, then your letters to them will mean nothing. What matters, is that it takes a consistent lack of orders from retailers, distributors, theaters, restaurants, who ever is selling the merchandise and/or services. Stop purchasing all of it. Don’t spend a penny. Then take the extra step to contact those retailers and merchants and tell them that you are not spending any money on the IP’s merchandise, attending its movies, visiting its themeparks, or watching its programs. If the guy on the bottom rung of this trickle down ladder stops ordering product, the shockwaves from the lack of capital may be felt all the way up the ladder to the top.

    10. DO NOT TOLERATE SUPPRESSION – Don’t tolerate months of having your posts deleted or being banned in online forums or elsewhere. They’ll do their very best to convince you that you’re the “bad actor.” Don’t believe them. Begin publishing your perspective on your own immediately upon experiencing the very first instance of suppression, in whatever media format you favor.

    11. ENCOURAGE LEAKS – If there is a civil cultural war going on within the IP as well, then encourage those on your side who are inside the IP to leak information.

    12. CREATE CONFLICT WITHIN THE IP – They’re going to do everything they can to get customers to fight amongst themselves. Return the favor. Pit celebrities and creatives against one another with their own public statements as often as possible. Celebrity A said something bad about celebrity B? Make sure celebrity B knows about it.

    13. MONETIZE SJWs – Produce T-Shirts and mugs that mock, satirize, and/or lampoon commonly parroted SJW memes, buzzwords, and catchphrases. Earn a profit while doing so.

    14. LAND, SEA & AIR – Customers have to fight this in all media forms; video on YouTube, audio podcasts, text on blogs and websites.

    15. KEEP AN ARCHIVE – Understand, one reason that SJWs get away with much of this is that they constantly revise history. So someone has to archive events as they happen, along with accompanying investigations when they happen, and be ready to present those things when an attempt at revisionism occurs. It’s the very best way to discredit false narratives.

    16. PRE-EMPT IP FAILURE NARRATIVES – Go on the offensive. During the rebooting production of Phase 2, if you have Q & A sessions or are conducting an interview of any kind, immediately ask the production staff or creatives if they plane to accuse the customer base of racism and misogyny, if the customer base criticizes the direction of newly rebooted production. Also ask exactly what measures they will take to be sure the criticism is coming from actual fans and not cloned or sock puppet accounts. You can also ask if they will single out just that comment, or if they will make blanket statements about a group of fans based on one or two comments. If the creative in the production staff state they will use those accusations, “only if it’s warranted and the critics truly are racist/misogynist/homophobic,” then counter by asking what measure they will use to determine if it is warranted or not. If IP failure is being blamed on poor marketing, contact individuals in the marketing departments and ask them how they feel about being the scapegoat.

    17. AVOID CUSTOMER INFIGHTING – Oftentimes SJWs will do their best to get critical customers to fight with one another. Avoid falling into this trap.

    18. IGNORE PROFESSIONAL UBER FANS – Some of these entities rely on the IP for a portion of their income, so they’re motivated to keep it afloat, and mischaracterize critics. The real fight is always between the customer and the IP. Engaging with these professional fans on any level is a complete waste of time and effort, unless absolutely necessary. Oftentimes these professional fans will see a decline in their viewership/readership, so they’ll try to pick a fight with a rising star in order to get that rising star to mention their name, so they can siphon off some views.

    19. DISCREDIT SJW ACTIVISTS – Nearly everything SJWs claim is false. All it takes is some time, and Googling to find that out. The Wayback Machine is a useful tool as well, to view websites and blog posts that have been altered. When hate hoaxes, false flags, and the Damsel In Distress appears, you’ve got to find the source of any claim, and clearly demonstrate that it’s unsourced, or a hate hoax/false flag, or posted by a cloned account, etc., with real supporting evidence. Immediately and publicly disassociate from any hate hoaxes/false flags, and publish all evidence of the discrediting as soon as possible. Show the evidence. Show the other side’s lack of evidence. Spread it far and wide.

    20. CHANGE THE CONVERSATION – When the shill media starts talking about the Damsel In Distress Event, ignore it until you have evidence to discredit it. Instead, respond to these accusations with discussion of the misbehavior of accusatory creatives and production staff. Show where that has happened with cited evidence.

    21. READ OPPOSITION MATERIAL REGULARLY –It’s the very best way to improve and hone your arguments. It’s also the best way to know what your opposition will say and do, before they say and do it. Some people may block you, but you’ll have to get around that to find out what they’re up to. Remember, all SJWs think in unison with a singular hive mind. They are slaves to political fashion trends. So predict commonly parroted arguments, and pre-compose responses with linked citations to sources ready to go.

    22. SPREAD THE WORD – Publish and talk about these phases and countermeasures in any media format that you favor, to educate normal people about how all of this works and how to fight it.

    23. BE WILLING TO CONSIDER ALTERNATIVE AND CONTRARY OPINIONS – This will help avoid fan infighting. It may not be what you want to hear. You may even have evidence that it is incorrect. But you have to be willing to consider multiple different opinions. That doesn’t mean you have to like the opinion, trust the opinion, or believe the opinion. Only that you’re willing to listen and mull it over. General George S. Patton once said, “If everyone is thinking the same, then someone isn’t thinking.”

    24. DO NOT HIRE SJWs – If you own the IP, you risk damage to your business when you hire SJWs. Do not hire any of them under any circumstances. If you have an employee that starts prattling on endlessly about race and gender, find a way to get rid of them immediately.

    25. WHEN WINNING, STOP ENGAGING WITH THEM – Once it’s absolutely clear that you’re winning the fight, stop engaging with them. Doing so only gives them relevancy and agency at this point. There’s a popular paraphrasing of an old Napoleon quote that says, “Never interfere with an enemy when he’s in the process of destroying himself.” There’s wisdom in that.

    26. MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION – If the SJWs are engaging in reporting posts on social media or making bogus copyright strikes to take out YouTube channels, then you’re going to have to return fire with the same tactics even if you don’t believe in them. Only when there’s a sense of a mutually assured destruction will there be any ceasefire, metaphorically speaking.

    27. OWN MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS – Make sure that you have multiple social media accounts so that if one is banned you can pop up right away with another. With regards to YouTube, own more than one channel so that if one is taken down, you can operate from the other. It might be advisable to register multiple YouTube accounts with different email addresses and/or cell phone numbers so that the channels aren’t associated with one another automatically through some algorithm or otherwise electronically. Consider free-speech oriented alternatives such as, Bit Chute or Bit Tube.

    28. LAWSUITS – Lawsuits can be considered in instances of defamation, tortious interference, or other instances that attorneys may recommend. Be aware however, that if your case is presented before an activist judge, the judge may likely rule on the side of their political comrade without regard to the law. So it is advisable to pursue having your case heard before a jury if your attorney recommends it.

    29. ENCOURAGE AND ACCELERATE SOCIAL MEDIA BLOCKAGES – The SJW is trained from a very early age to constantly fight and argue with their political adversaries beginning in kindergarten, under the aegis of “activism.” So they’re constantly wanting to disagree and argue with anyone in an effort to virtue signal and present themselves as more moral than thou. This fighting arguing instinct never goes away. So when they start creating their social media Utopia by blocking everyone they disagree with, they eventually have an echo chamber where only SJWs are speaking to one another. It’s idyllic for a time, but eventually that natural instinct to virtue signal and argue takes over and the social media Utopians turn into a circular firing squad metaphorically speaking, and start attacking one another. Do whatever you can to expedite and amplify this process.

    30. MAINTAIN GENUINE MYTHOLOGY, DISREGARD NEW CANON – In Part 3 of my Culture War history series, I talk about Yuri Bezmenov and cultural subversion. Yuri talks about ways to reverse cultural subversion. One of the methods he suggests is to maintain a belief in God, and eschew material consumerism from corporations that are in bed with government. The Geeker Gate is really a microcosm of the larger nation-wide cultural subversion that Yuri speaks of, but I think we can take the general idea of what he’s taking about and apply that concept here. Maintain the original mythology/canon that the new incarnation is threatening to overwrite. You can do this by only consuming used goods from eBay or second hand shops that were produced before the IP began its transformation. You can do this by creating new projects such as fan fiction or fan films. You can take books on tape, and marry them with comic books of the same story to produce motion comics. Play games produced before the IPs transformation. The ideas are endless, but ultimeately it’s the stories and the mythology that matters, not PVC plastic. You must not consume anything from the new incarnation of the IP, not one single item. Sure that X-Wing Fighter X-Mas tree ornament might look cool, but it’s going to fund Kathleen Kennedy’s salary.

    You can also watch this video:


    After the IP has lost its luster, after the customer base has abandoned the property, after the SJW locusts have moved on to a currently popular and successful IP, and all that is left is a desiccated husk that merely shadows the original IP, can it ever be recovered or rehabilitated? Anything is possible, but I suspect that it’s very unlikely. Once something gains the stench of SJW politics, normal people rarely want anything to do with it any more, except perhaps after an extended period of time.

    But if you make the attempt, be prepared to be demonized by SJWs for that as well.

    When neighborhoods are destroyed due to the high crime that SJW policies inevitably facilitate, normal people flee the neighborhoods. After a time, the neighborhood becomes a ghost town. SJWs like to refer to that as “white flight,” as a way to deflect from the fact that people of all colors and backgrounds are fleeing the SJW policies that destroy neighborhoods. The neighborhood exists as nearly a ghost town for an extended period of time. Then after a while, investors start to become interested in rehabilitating the neighborhood, since the majority of the crime has now also left due to no one being around to steal from or assault. When these investors do come in and try to improve the neighborhood, that effort is demonized by SJWs as “gentrification.”

    If an attempt is made to recover and revitalize a lost IP, I imagine SJWs will attempt to utilize some variation of the “gentrification” demonization, and you ought to be prepared for that.

    Keep in mind that SJWs will attempt to write and publish their own version of the Geeker Gate. But also keep in mind, that efforts to do so won’t be based on any actual research, but instead will be based on bizarre hyperbolic adjective usage, and their desire to insult the “alt-right.” Their reluctance to read and do hard work gives you an advantage.

    What also gives you an advantage is their inability to consider opinions other than their own. They spend their time on social media blocking anyone who disagrees with them, and seeking out only those who reflect their own ideas back at them. So they have no idea what or how other people think, and therefore can’t devise strategies to debate effectively, which is why they oftentimes have to resort to physical violence.

    One last thought here. I highly recommend that you read the account of the Battlestar Galactica fiasco from 15 years ago which I’ve summarized here. It is a cautionary tale that warns fandom of the dangers of fan infighting, which SJWs are determined to provoke within every fan revolt.

    This blog post by The Devil’s Advocate entitled, SJWs Define their Fandom by Personal Identity – Not by Love for the Franchise is also a good read.

    Good luck.

    This blog post has been archived here.
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    In other words,swara bhaskar


    These dimwits mastered the art of playing victim as well as aggressors at the same time. Here is an similar article,which explains how sjws operate in india...

    Indian Social Justice Warriors deserve to be called Mini Kim Jong-uns:biggrin2:

    Gurmehar Kaur, a free-speech world-peace activist, has been accused of threatening young boys for making memes. And, this is nothing unexceptional from the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) of India. A JNU student named Shehla Rashid, another free-speech activist projected by media, had denied the right to free speech to a reporter of television news channel Republic.

    There is stupendous authoritarianism from the Indian Social Justice warriors who are least tolerant of any dissident views, and interestingly most of them are present on various educational campuses. For example, Vivek Agnihotri had to face violence when he attempted a show of his anti-left movie at Jadavpur University in West Bengal.

    Much of the Social Justice warrior-ship of India is worrisome from that perspective — it is violent intolerance wrapped in attractive packaging being sold to the youth.

    When I find students in prestigious B-schools who have received fat salary packages, arguing romancing the left as a wonderful ideology, I see in them this hypocrisy of a Gurmehar or a Shehla in a diminutive form. They — driven by their ideological zeal — are almost completely hooked on enlisting the social problems than offering any solution for social betterment, very much unlike their pragmatic decisions in their personal sphere. This hypocrisy is an integral part of social Justice warrior-ship and is manifested in their action once they taste power.

    Labels like “Born Communist” or own partyaffiliation are often integral part of a leftist debate. Therefore, I clarify here that my maternal grandfather Shanti Sarkar (whose pioneering role in establishing communist peasant movement in Bengal in pre-independence times is partially mentioned here [pdf]) was a functionary of a communist party for long years from pre-independence days. My father too—among many other relatives of mine — was a communist by heart during formative years of his life.

    My mention of these facts regarding my family background is not to claim any air of superiority — after all, lakhs of Bengali families have sacrificed for the same communist cause — but if I wanted to claim the easy option of having a nice labelinstead of having right ideas, I could have easily accomplished that.

    One needs to go beyond this self-labelling or virtue signalling. What ideas do Social Justice Warriors like Comrade Shehla Rashid put forth? When they talk about problems of social inequality like caste, religion, economic disparity, what solution do they offer? Going back to Marx, the only solution is creation of a dictatorship — justified as dictatorship of the proletariat — that abolishes ownership of capital.

    All ideologies look wonderful in paper but what we should be interested in, is an application — a case study called North Korea.

    Why North Korea? It is quite common to find harrowing human experiences in other communist countries such as description of Gulag in Solzhenitsyn’s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, or an personal account of fatal post-revolution living in Cambodia narrated in the movie The Killing Fields, based on Dith Pran’s experience, or dreadful stories of the Chinese cultural revolution penned by historian Jung Chang in the bookWild Swans: Three Daughters of China.

    However, those human sufferings were all addressed by the respective societies through moving to different social structure by repealing the idea of the “dictatorship of the proletariat” to a large extent and by giving society back the ownership of the Capital. North Korea on the other hand, still continues with the original plan.

    Hyeonseo Lee, the daughter of a North Korean army officer, braved authorities for her epic journey in search of her freedom from North Korea. The picture of North Korea she penned in her book makes me empathise with her. On the one hand, I feel blessed to know that our family did not need to hang the two portraits of any Indian version of “Kim Il-sung” and “Kim Jong-il” which were to be periodically examined by local party/government officials for cleanliness, and one can land up straight in prison for their failure to keep the portraits shinny and dirtless. On the other hand, I could visualise politicisation in every sphere of social activity and unacceptable intrusion even about personal choices that Ms. Lee stated.

    My childhood experience with West Bengal was a definitely watered down version of hers yet strikingly similar — the Communist party used to decide which newspaper is acceptable at one’s home, or which dramas/theatres at a local club should receive the award, or whether personal letters could remain a personal affair.

    Our Social Justice Warriors always complain about India’s tryst with social discriminations — mainly caste based. In North Korea, the State rigorously enforces Songbun system under which everybody is demarcated into 51 castes under three broad categories of “Loyal”, “Wavering” or “Hostile” and everybody’s destiny of life including choice of profession is decided at birth. Persons from the “Hostile” families are sent for manual labour; even if one of them, as was the case with Hyeonseo’s classmate, fortunately clears the university entrance test against great adversity, she is denied of the opportunity to higher studies by the State on account of her birth.

    When famine struck North Korea, a province with more proportion of “Hostile” population was taken out of the ambit of the Public Distribution System, which is the only official channel for a citizen to get food legally. People were, therefore, compelled either to starve to death in hundreds or scavenging in the dirt for food. In a few exceptional cases, some of them resorted to cannibalism too. Right at that time, food was in abundance in the Capital city of Pyongyang, and the elite were completely unaffected by this famine to the extent that they were having their cosmetic surgeries too!

    The ideological indoctrination in North Korea begins in the very childhood. When Hyeonseo entered her kindergarten school, her school had a jumbo picture in which a North Korean Soldier is killing a Japanese, an American and a South Korean soldier together, all using a single bayonet. This picture defied history, rationality and any idea of a global humanity. Yet this is only the beginning which eventually creates a perception in every person of North Korea that any American is a devil personified.

    When Hyeonseo’s mother and brother met her would-be husband, an American, tolerating him just over a meal was too much for them on account of this intense ideological indoctrination. If our Social Justice Warriors are aghast with India for fighting Pakistan — a country which regularly exports terror to India — and apparently ignoring the goodwill of common people from Pakistan, they may note that every school in North Korea encourages students to kill South Koreans and Americans.

    By now you must be thinking that if the Government of India is heavily denounced by our Social Justice Warriors, North Korea must be an insufferable state for them, Right?

    Wrong! I did not find a single tweet from Kanhaiya, Rashid, and Gurmehar where they have ever criticised North Korea. So far, I failed to observe even any non-appreciative comment about North Korea from any affiliate organisation of any Communist party of India of any variety — forget about any real denouncement. When India made the nuclear detonation at Pokhran in 1998, the communists of India were aghast. When North Korea did the same in 2017, they are conspicuously mum.

    It is not that our Social Justice Warriors don’t comment on international issues. They can’t stop talking about Israel, they can’t curse Trump and Putin enough, and recently they are all experts on Myanmar. But why is North Korea absent from their radar?

    The only time some of them, or their friends, mentioned ever-mysterious North Korea is when Arun Shourie called some Indian media channels, which were not spewing venom against Narendra Modi, as “North Korean TV channels”. It took a “Right Wing” Shourie for these left-wing activists to realise that North Korea may not be exactly the heaven. But that’s all. There are no speeches denouncing North Korea as the evil personified, as the epitome of casteism, social apathy, corruption and hate-mongering.

    It is a fashion in leftist circles to compare any anti-left politician to Hitler and create a fear-mongering about an impending Nazi Germany if that politician receives authority. Contrary to popular perception, Nazis were “anti-bourgeoisie” socialists (who called themselves National Socialists) with a predominantly red flag, where red expressed “the social thought underlying the movement” (Mein Kampf; Volume 2 Chapter 7). If one self-declared brand of socialism can be used by the leftists to describe someone they hate, why should we not talk about another socialism called North Korea as the benchmark for the zombie Social Justice Warriors without introspection?

    Why should not we call our own Social Justice Warriors “Mini Kims”?
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    In India, Main stream media &Brothelwood are used as SJW tools.

    BTW How many people are still remember one fake Kashmir rape case became world wide sensation because few whores used the rape as Publicity stunt.

    Now they tried same thing for 'Article 15' movie, where again one suicide converted into gang rape and murder to bash castism indirectly Hinduism (in reality both perpetrators& Victims are OBC caste).

    IF Kabir Singh was not released before one week entire SM would bash Hindus for Badaun rape,theif&cow smuggler Tabrez murder as High caste atrocities against Low caste and minorities.

    Luckily Kabir singh became All time block buster and same feminist/sikcular whores whining 24/7 from last 20 days because Kabir singh slapped a girl Once in a movie (they forgot heroin slapped him 8/9 times). :frusty:
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