Need for new branches in the armed forces

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    hi guys kindly share your opinion regarding new branches in the armed forces.i was wondering what are the loopholes in the indian military structure.i think the 2 biggest strategic loopholes are-lack of adequate offensive long range ballistic missile strike capability and lack of ground based long range air defense missile and sufficient point defense of strategic assets like military bases,nuclear power plants,legislative structures like parlament building ,ballistic missile sites let us look at why these loopholes exist-first one is because india lacked credible ballistic missile capability till late 1990's.why did it happen-mainly because the low priority given to ballistic missile in the indo-pak theatre of war and the inability of drdo to produce ballistic missile capability till the 90' we know one of our main adversary china is said to be possesing ballistic missile capability since early started by mainly aquiring the know-how of ballistic missiles from ussr and then slowly developed indegeneous capability with time and by late 1970's they were known to possess let us look at india-indira gandhi sanctioned a project of icbm in early 1970's kept it under secrecy and by the late 1970 the project was a complete why did't mrs. gandhi take the help of soviet scientist especially after indo-soviet treaty of 1971 so that india experience a similar learning curve as china as far as ballistic missile is concerned.currently india's ballistic missiles are maintained by strategic forces command which is a tri-services command which also holds the limited nuclear arsenal of is also to be noted that india's ballistic missiles are not tipped with with nuclear warheads in ready to launch mode and the warheads are stored we are also aware that there is a lack of synergy between the branches of armed forces of india.this is mainly due to lack of proper technologies and also inter services rivalry and ego clash.each branch thinks it is indispensible and other branches have only subsidiary role in times of war.hence the level of co-operation and expertise in terms of long range missile warfare has an element of doubt in the tri-services i suppose there should be a separate branch of indian military which should hold the land based strategic bm's-like the strategic rocket forces of russia and the 2nd artillery corps of presently india has produced agni-3 irbm and is looking to induct agni-5 we are in a good position as far as the learning curve of bm is concerned both in terms of range and technology.but what remains a major concern is that until we have a adequate bm's and a true icbm of 12000km+ range we will always be at the mercy of the bdl is the only missile producing factory which produces about 10-20 ballistic missiles every year,also the quality of production and manufacturing equipments is questionable.also another major concern is what % of india's annual military budget is spent in producing bm's-if there would be a separate branch its budgetary allocation will china the 2nd artillery corps has an annual share of about 12% in spite of being the smallest force in terms of manpower in pla structure.also this branch will have officers and engineers,technicians specially trained in long range missile warfare rather than training some army personnel separately how to handle ballistic missiles as is presently done.also i propose another branch-similar to russian air defense force and us's missile defense agency which should hold land based long range surface to air missile and also ballistic missile defense and future space based satellite defense(as suggested by drdo recently) and future airborn laser weapons,having separate please post your opinion on the above subject.thank you.

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