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Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by nitesh, Jan 6, 2010.

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    Feb 12, 2009
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    I am opening this thread as thought came to my mind why exactly we are buying MRCA the thinking goes like we want to replace the MiG29/ Mirage and Jaguars form our inventory. But if we see the latest developments.

    LCA getting assisted by Europeans for bringing to IOC/FOC standard.

    Kaveri getting in shape with Snecma

    LCA new engine selection in fast track

    MKI numbers can be increased

    MiG29 under upgradation and Mirage in process of finalisation

    by 2016-2017 chance of Pak FA arriving

    I think if we see practically by 2015 we will have 20 MRCA in our inventory by 2017 may be 40 more (very optimistically). Till that time if we add some MKI and LCA in numbers then what is the need for MRCA?

    Put your thoughts
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