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    I'm 20, turning 21 soon, born and raised in singapore. I'm Indian by ethnicity and Hindu. My father is fully Indian by nationality and citizenship. My mother is a singaporean. Considering that my mother's intention was to live in singapore, my family had been living here. However my father was never always in singapore.

    Several years ago due to certain undiscloseable ciricumstances my family decided to migrate to India and live there for good. Eventually my mother decided that she wanted to return to singapore. Considering that I was still young and clueless back then and being more familiar with what it was like to live in singapore, I decided to follow her.

    Then as per singapore law, I was called up for national service, which is military conscription. There is no way around this. The government doesnt budge the slightest with this matter.

    Alot of the men here arent keen on doing this at all. And all of them have to go through without a choice. But my reasons are different.

    But my reasons are different, which sums up the gist of my ordeal, this is very important.

    ever since young, as far as I can recall, I've always felt patriotic towards India. I remember when I was around 7 or 8 possibly, my teacher had asked us, being Singaporean would we fight on the side of the nation of our ethnic heritage. Without any reservation or second thought, I immediately said yes with conviction. This may sound a little off, but I have to say this, as it shows how deep-rooted my sentiments are.

    It is not serving in the military that I have got a problem with. But which military rather.

    I would proudly serve in the Indian army even if the system was against me. Because I consider it an honour rather than as mere obligation. Even if now should India enter into war and require men, my first instinct would be to do what I can. My patriotism is such that in case of Singapore and India being on opposing sides should war break out this moment, without hesitation I would commit treason to Singapore to support India even it meant death.

    I feel rooted to India due to ethnic and religious reasons. And I want to acquire Indian citizenship in due time. I've done research and even been to the Indian embassy recently. All I have to do is get the necessary documents and apply. As for now its all a matter of taking steps.

    I've had a terrible life here upon returning back. Plenty of racism against Indians. And I can never fully relate to chinese.

    My mother isnt helpful. I've got no friends. I got no one to help me out with this.

    I need to save some cash, complete my education and mentally prepare myself. I feel that I am yet to understand the world better and be able to take care of myself. My parents, family and the people surrounding thus far have made me feel bad about myself. I need to grow out of that.

    Currently, I have been on AWOL for about 3 weeks. And I have already gotten a court martial proceeding at hand for previous charges. This AWOL will only add up. I think as soon as I return back to camp, they will send me off to military prison. Its usually twice the length of AWOL duration. I had planned thus far to defer due to medical reasons(depression) stating that I wish to seek medical treatment (and in the mean time complete my education here and work part time to save money as Singapore currency is higher) and acquire Indian citizenship and leave before my deferment expires.

    If I get my Indian citizenship now, they will treat me as a deserter and incarcerate me the moment they get their hands on me. Suppose if I were to travel to Singapore as a tourist, as soon as I land and get through the airport they can handcuff me.

    The national service is 24 months long and have I done 10 months so far. I don't want to serve them. I adamantly dont want to finish the service. I'm an Indian. I don't ever want to be a soldier for an alien nation.

    It is very hard to acquire Indian citizenship these days. And I fear that the Indian army will prevent me from joining if they know that I have been a Singaporean till the age of around 20 plus. Because its common knowledge that Singaporean males serve conscription.

    What is your advise? How do I pull myself through this?
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    Get in touch with Ray Sir. Send him a personal message. Alternatively, you can message sayareakd, who is a lawyer. Both are members here.

    I have already sent them a message. You should also try to get in touch with them.
  4. W.G.Ewald

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    OK you asked for opinion by anybody by your post here, so here is mine.

    Finish your service in Singapore as a good soldier. You are almost one half done. You can overcome the bad conduct up to now with the right attitude.

    In the meantime, confirm what your rights are in regards to India, having an Indian father. Don't anticipate problems in that regard.

    Postscript: I have a son your age, I would tell him the same thing if he were in a similar situation.
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    The life in the Singapore Army would be much easier than in the Indian Army.

    You cannot join the Indian Army unless you are an Indian citizen.

    As far as AWL, explain your problem and maybe that might help, but if it does not then brace up and take it like a man.
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    Ray wrote
    One thing is for sure: there will be a better outcome if they don't need to come looking for you.
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    Agree with the advice on this thread. I know someone who was conscripted for the S'pore Army, and I have heard that it is not really very "taxing". Certainly nothing compared to the way you will be drilled for three years in NDA (National Defence Academy) here in India. :)

    Considering that fact that you cannot join the Indian Army anyway, you should probably go for completion of your service and finish it off.

    A bit surprised about the 'racism against Indians' part though. I though that wasn't the case in Singapore. :noidea:
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    You are in some serious trouble there son. I would never have dreamed of going AWOL, some countries consider that treason. I suggest you come up with a conscientious objector defence, they probably go easier in a conscription system.
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    PremArun, I think the biggest issue here is the lack of a social structure around you which makes you resent everything happening in your life at the moment. You have had a tough life, but try to overcome this and shed away all these negative feelings. Thousands of Indians serve with the Singapore Armed Forces (what better example than the Singapore army chief: Ethnic Indian appointed as Singapore Army Chief « Lim Kit Siang). India and Singapore and not going to war, they are on very friendly terms with the SAF having training bases in India. Chin up, and complete your service! Once you are in, you will make friends and things will get a lot brighter for you!
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    You have badly messed up your MIND as well as your life

    So you need clarity more than anything else

    You are not an Indian Citizen and even if you get your citizenship in 2 years I think you will be too late
    for Indian Military academy because 23 is the upper age limit

    And even there in IMA the direct entrants like you are few in number
    The direct entrants in IMA need to have completed a NCC C level certificate while being in Graduation

    Most IMA entrants come from NDA which is a 3 year course Eligibility is from the age 16 and half to 19

    SO you dont fit even in NDA

    If you still feel so strongly for India ie if you love India you can still serve in so many other sectors

    But first get your citizenship or one fine day you will be DEPORTED

    Civilians ALSO do a lot of good work for the country

    And coming to your Singapore Conscription It is better if you COMPLETE the term

    You have lived MOST of your life in Singapore So it is your DUTY to pay back

    And after completing this conscription you will be a free bird

    Then you can think AGAIN what you want to do in LIFE

    It is better to keep your options open

    May be you will feel that you can shuttle between India and Singapore

    Singapore Citizenship is also a GOOD thing You will have good oppurtunities there too since your mom is
    based in Singapore

    Just Take one thing at a time

    Being a deserter is a crime .Singapore government will TRACK you down
    AND you WILL bring a BAD NAME to India and Indians
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  11. The Messiah

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    Aug 25, 2010
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    Join singapore army.

    Its not like you will be fighting a war against anyone let alone against India.

    You have lived and enjoyed comforts of that country so time to pay back something.

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