Navy men wink at ban on tattoo

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    Navy men wink at ban on tattoo

    With youngsters turning tattoo-savvy, young Naval personnel also seem eager to catch up with the trend. At present, defence forces will not recruit candidates with a tattoo.

    Many Indian Navy officials are turning up at tattoo parlours here for getting themselves inked. According to tattoo artists here, close to 100 navy personnel etched their favorite photograph onto their body last year.

    “Many officials prefer patriotic tattoos and most of them are eager to have at least one tattoo related to Indian Navy” said Jerish MJ who runs Bodyart Estudio at Oberon Mall.

    Many navy officials prefer adding their names as tattoos, he said. However, the Navy as a policy does not encourage tattoos among its personnel — especially if it is visual after wearing a uniform.

    According to a spokesperson in the Southern naval Command, the Navy hasn’t noticed the trend. “In the Navy, the Commanding Officer is charged with ensuring good order and naval discipline of personnel under his command; on issues like tattoos, the concerned Commanding Officer will deal with it appropriately.

    We sensitise our personnel on the possible side-effects of such fads,” a top source in the Southern Naval Command said.

    Sources said since the Southern Naval Command is the navy’s training centre, there are many youngsters and some opt to have a tattoo.
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    And then navy whines about having shortage of officers......... :confused:
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    Sailors can have tattoos, not officers unless they come from the ranks. That seems to be precedent in USN.

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