National Interest: Secularism is dead

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    National Interest: Secularism is dead! | The Indian Express

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    There are some people who still believe in Secularism.
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    The possible victory or defeat of BJP does not at all mean victory or defeat of secularism. A majority of Hindus have no issues with Modi on the basis of so called secularism.
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    Shekhar Gupta is one of the biggest hoax, who has had only one agenda - to manipulate the system to his own advantage, even by fudging news.

    What exactly is meant by the idea of India ?

    Who is to decide the idea of India?

    The so called intellectuals and the chatterati of Delhi drawing rooms?

    It is ludicrous that Gupta talks about destruction of our great institutions!

    Where was he when the institutions were being destroyed by the UPA regime?

    Who destroyed the great institution of the Army by giving normal troop movement a twist and implying slyly that a coup was in progress?

    What makes him conclude that the Congress, on the other hand, is pitchforking India’s Muslims into this unequal fight against the BJP?

    What unequal fight?

    Votes and election are even playing field for all.

    It is like saying that the Communists have been pitchforked into an unequal fight.

    It is mediamen like him who has given this canard to divide India since it appeared fashionable, instead of weaving India into one.

    In fact, Gupta is doing a great injustice to the voters of India. I wonder how many are voting for the BJP. They are voting for Modi. Not because they love him, it is just that he has weathered 12 years of relentless canard by the foreign paid NGOs and the DDT of the Congress (to quote Gopal Gandhi's term for CBI) to float the idea that Modi personally organised the carnage of Gujarat and the Supreme Court has given him a clean chit so to say and because he has proved to be a decisive leader. After 10 years of the UPA wherein India has become the pits as a Nation in all respects and its people struggling to make ends meet, India is fed up to the gills and India requires a change. It is time to have a person who can lead the country out of the ruins and his example of Gujarat is not terribly bad, compared to many other States.

    Two of the battalions with mostly Muslim soldiers, 12 JAK LI and 22 Grenadiers, suffered heavy casualties. This again raises the issue that Shekhar Gupta, by quoting Azam Khan, and then playing with words, is once again slyly trying to divide Indians as if suggesting that the other units did not suffer heavy casualties.

    This old harridan Gupta must realise that in the Indian Army we do not look at gallantry or sacrifice through the prism of community, caste or religion. We count our brave dead and heroes as INDIANS.
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