Naseeruddin Shah roots for Pak films

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    Naseeruddin Shah roots for Pak films

    Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah (left), who has been a part of Bollywood for more than 35 years, is known for carving a niche in the industry for his roles in off-beat as well as masala films. The 61-year old, who plays a cop in the recently released film, Maximum, is excited to be a part of

    Pakistani venture, Zinda Bhaag.

    “I shot for this film in Lahore and now I have realised that there will be great films coming from Pakistan. There are great, young filmmakers there, who want to make a difference. And I think, we as an industry, always think ourselves to be superior, but now we would really need to introspect,” he said on a recent visit to the city.

    When asked about his sons, Imaad and Vivaan and their filmy career, the actor added, “They are doing small films and finding their way. I can’t launch them and even if I could, I wouldn’t as I want them to learn and carve a niche for themselves. How will they learn if they don’t fall?”

    Speaking about his memories of Delhi, the actor said,“I remember being pennyless here. But, this city made my foundation and that has put me where I am. The years spent in drama school prepared me as an actor.” I shot for a Pakistan film in Lahore, and I realised there will be great films coming from there Naseeruddin Shah, actor
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