Narendra Modi must shift the BJP's centre of gravity to governance

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by Ray, Dec 19, 2014.

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    There is no doubt that India is moving forward in all spheres.

    But there is also no doubt that some wild cards are causing discordant noises that are diverting from the platform of development and progress by harping on irrelevant and dubious issues of Hinduvta über alles. Such sentiments only creates localized tensions and a sense of victimhood, wherein it fuels the fundamentalist elements of other religions. It is not only Muslims but if one listens to the likes of John Dayal whipping up furious frenzy, then it only indicates how such religions are insecure and could only lead to greater woes.

    The Christians maybe in smaller numbers than Muslims, but their power to rope in powerful countries with well oiled and experienced institutions to topple Govts, carry out regime change or effective sanctions should not be underestimated. John Dayals can be dangerous even if not upfront.

    Therefore, to lose the nation building compass for religious powerplay is most misplaced.

    Religion has its place and it should be kept at home.

    Religious conversions is indeed a scourge and it must be curbed through law and not by useless grandstanding.

    It is time to build the Nation and the only way to do it is Development to empower people so that there is no ground for anyone to change his religion or proving his religion is the sole way to Heaven. More so, since God and Heaven are only in the mind since none has seen it.

    No more of all these mind games.

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