Narendra Modi faces assassination threat, tweets Madhu Kishwar

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    Is there a assassination threat to Narendra Modi ? Are Congress Party and its NGO allies encouraging jihadi elements in Gujarat ? If so this is a very serious issue, just to neutralize a strong opponent they are encouraging radical elements like Indira Gandhi did in Punjab to undermine Akalis.

    Narendra Modi faces assassination threat, tweets Madhu Kishwar

    New Delhi: Academic Madhu Kishwar on Wednesday tweeted about a threat to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's life. Kishwar later deleted the controversial tweet, but not before it was picked up by hundreds of users who debated both the authenticity of the information and the need to delete it.

    "Yesterday met some senior govt officers who said Modi's assassination real possibility if Teesta Congress fail to get fraud FIR against Modi," Kishwar tweeted referring to civil rights activist Teesta Setalvad. She later said the tweet triggered a panic response among many and went viral.

    Kishwar, a Senior Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), has been a vociferous supporter of Modi. Here are a series of her tweets in which she clarifies her stand on her tweet about the possible assassination bid on Modi.
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