Narendra Modi dares EC to act against him, questions its impartiality

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    Narendra Modi dares EC to act against him, questions its impartiality

    BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi targeted the Election Commission on Sunday, accusing it of not acting impartially and daring it to take action against him.

    “I am levelling a serious charge against the Election Commission. You have failed to stop rigging and violence in West Bengal, Bihar and parts of western Uttar Pradesh,” said Modi, addressing a rally in Asansol.

    “Why are you not acting? What is your intention? If you feel what I am saying now is wrong, then you are free to lodge another case against me… Democracy doesn’t work like this. I know how much rigging took place in the elections on May 30… Isn’t it the EC’s responsiblity to conduct peaceful and fair polls,” said Modi.

    He raised the same issue at a rally in Allahabad later in the day. “The EC is supposed to be the umpire in an election.

    There is the IB’s report with you (EC) that elements involved in rigging and booth-capturing are active… We had warned earlier also, but still rigging has taken place,” he said.

    Asserting that he was making a “serious allegation from a public forum”, he said, “I request the officials of the EC here to send this tape to the commission at the earliest. If this amounts to an offence, you have my permission to register another FIR against me. I will be going to Ahmedabad from here and addressing people through the 3D sabha. I will talk openly about the rights of voters.”

    Modi’s attack came days after the EC ordered action against him for allegedly violating electoral laws by displaying his party symbol and delivering a “political speech” minutes after casting his vote.

    Addressing the EC, Modi said, “You can have peaceful elections in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, but you will not get the credit. It is only when you ensure peaceful and fair elections in states like Bengal, UP and Bihar, that you will get the credit.”

    At his rallies in Bankura and Asansol in West Bengal, Modi accused both the Congress and the Trinamool Congress of indulging in rigging. “False cases have been filed against our candidate Babul Supriyo. The EC’s work is to protect people,” he said. “In Delhi, ma-beta created a scam-India… in Bengal, Didi made a scam-Bengal.”

    Targeting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, he said he would make her stop all her “natakbazi” if the BJP comes to power at the Centre. “If you elect me, you will have rasgullas in both hands. If there is a strong and powerful government at the Centre, Didi will have to stop all her natakbazi in West Bengal and run her government seriously,” he said.

    Referring to Mamata’s earlier attack on him, Modi said, “You call me a paper tiger, but you have not faced the real tiger. If you had been the real tiger, you would have jailed the Saradha scamsters Real tigers do not allow people to rob the poor of their hard-earned money.”

    He also raised the issue of Bangladeshis coming to India. “Those who observe Durgashtami, they are a part of our Hindustan and they will stay here. But we will deport those who are infiltrators,” he said, referring to Bangladeshi Muslims.

    Narendra Modi dares EC to act against him, questions its impartiality | The Indian Express | Page 2


    Is Modi justified in his claims?
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    Re: Narendra Modi dares EC to act against him, questions its impartial

    the bloody Chief Election Commissioner of India is a shameless person who would have resigned if he had any sense of being an man rather that being a lap-dog in the hands of the political masters.
    Idiot holding on his post.
    if I talk about Bengal then I am sure this exercise is just a extravagant show of money to reiterate to people the voter cards aren't primarily meant to be identity card for mere issuance of Sim card
    The Chief Electoral Officer is a dummy in hands of who knows.But he is a dummy for sure
    The Special Observer is a stooge of the TMC --there has been back door dealings for sure

    If you want to see what it was like this is the report: this is in actual just soft-rigging.

    After I voted I came and switched on the television and laughed at myself for having taken up the pain to stand in a queue and vote.

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