Narendra Modi could tilt the scales for BJP with 220 seats

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    Narendra Modi could tilt the scales for BJP with 220 seats

    New Delhi, May 22: If Narendra Modi is projected as BJP Prime Ministerial candidate, the NDA seats tally will reach 220 says a Headlines Today-C-Voter opinion poll.

    Otherwise, the BJP will emerge as the single biggest party with 137 seats, a jump of 21 from its total in 2009 with the Congress finishing second at 116, the opinion poll suggested. The UPA's tally is set to crash by 95 in the Lok Sabha elections for 2014 said the survey.

    This Opinion Poll was the first to measure the Narendra Modi factor in the final outcome of the alliances in 2014.

    It said the majority of the seats would be cornered by smaller or regional parties.

    The Poll said that projecting Narendra Modi as the NDA's candidate for PM will help the UPA (it will get 23 more seats) but it will almost double (it will get NDA 41 more seats) the advantage for the NDA.

    Narendra Modi would ensure the BJP's emphatic victory in home state Gujarat, said the poll.

    The opinion poll said the tally of the Janata Dal-United, which is not keen on Modi, could drop to half in Bihar if it dumps NDA over the issue, while the BJP can win 18 seats in Bihar on its own if it does project Modi.

    The Headlines Today-CVoter poll, conducted between March and May 2013 among 1.2 lakh randomly selected people in 540 Lok Sabha segments.

    The survey said Andhra Pradesh was a swing state and is set to desert the Congress for YS Jaganmohan Reddy (Jagan). YSR Congress will gain 11 seats and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi will win 11 more.

    "In Uttar Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi's charm has faded in the intervening four years as the Congress is likely be reduced to 7 from 21. The biggest gainer is the ruling Samajwadi Party with 29 seats," it predicted.

    Narendra Modi could tilt the scales for BJP with 220 seats - Oneindia News
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    If Some One Ask Me To Close My Eyes And Tell Me To Describe Gujarat I Will Just Say About Mr Narendra Modi.Its Not Important That A State/Nation Is Devloped But Rather Than That Its More Important That Standard Of Living Of Citizens Is Improved And Increased.I Thanks Mr Modi Not For Making Gujarat’s Development But For Making Gujarat’s Citizens Developed.
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    I think that would be wishful thinking.

    As wishful as the Congress spokespersons claiming that there will be UPAIII !

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