MUST READ: The battle between secular India and Bharat

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    MUST READ: The battle between secular India and Bharat

    Sunday, August 09, 2015, by Indiandefense News

    A left-leaning centralised socialist model has created a shortage/entitlement economy. In fact one of the reasons for India's limited progress is that post-independent India is at odds with its true nature. It is something that educated right of centre Hindus are trying to correct, says Sanjeev Nayyar.

    Sunil Sethi’s recent article, How India is a nation of cheats uses the Vyapam scandal in Madhya Pradesh and Rajiv Malhotra being accused of plagiarism with respect to his books Breaking India and Indra's Net to justify the title.

    Using two examples to say we are a nation of cheats is an insult to 1.25 billion Indians. Notwithstanding aberrations, Indians are honest people and have earned a fair name for themselves worldwide. So far as Indians being cheats has. Sethi read, 'The 10 Biggest Frauds in Recent US history' published by Am taking the US because it is where Richard Fox Young, who has accused Malhotra of plagiarism, resides. Details are:

    Enron. The energy company's bankruptcy in 2001 after allegations of massive accounting fraud wiped out $78 billion in stock market value and led to the collapse of Arthur Andersen.

    Bernard Madoff. New York money manager Bernard Madoff's $65 billion Ponzi scheme, the largest fraud ever by an individual, was exposed in December 2008.

    Lehman Brothers. Investment bank Lehman, with $600 billion in assets, failed in late 2008. It was the largest bankruptcy in history and a spark to the worldwide financial crisis.

    Cendent. Shortly after the company was created by the merger of CUC International and HFS in 1997, a massive, decade long accounting fraud at CUC was uncovered. It was estimated to have cost investors at least $19 billion.

    MF Global. The brokerage firm, led by former Goldman Sachs Chairman and former New Jersey Senator then Governor Jon Corzine, had $41 billion in assets before failing in October 2011."

    Shashi Tharoor's recent talk at Oxford University tells you how honest the British were.

    Without wanting to defend corruption, its scale in India is peanuts compared to the US! Do these frauds allow us to call all Americans and British cheats? The answer is NO.

    The root cause of corruption is because government systems and laws have not changed with time. Shankar Acharya wrote, 'But change has been slow in coming, far slower than in the "parent" civil service in Britain which long ago reformed its structure to better incorporate the specialist needs of effective modern governance.' Read Burden of Legacies. Also read What India must do to reduce corruption.

    A left-leaning centralised socialist model has created a shortage/entitlement economy and ensured the Congress slogan in 1970's and 2014 was 'Garibi Hatao'. In fact one of the reasons for India's limited progress is that post-independent India is at odds with its true nature. It is something that educated right of centre Hindus, one of whom is Malhotra, are trying to correct.

    Sethi calls Rajiv, “'the philosopher-in-chief of Internet Hindutva' and it's as much a fight for intellectual probity and publishing ethics as a bruising ideological skirmish between liberal left-leaning academics and self-help Hindu revivalists.”

    So far as the plagiarism accusation is concerned Malhotra recently wrote, “At most they could claim that in a few instances the quotation marks were omitted, but there is no doubt that the author is referring to Nicholson’s work. Also, less than 3 per cent of Indra’s Net references pertain to Nicholson, because he is relevant only to minor portions of the book. Hence, he is hardly supplying anything major.”

    Notwithstanding the charge of plagiarism being a poor joke, as Malhotra is usually quite a heavy citer but knowing the forces working against him he should be careful henceforth.

    Do readers know that Breaking India, co-authored by Malhotra, focuses on the role of the US and European churches, academics, think-tanks etc in fostering separation of the identities of Dravidian and Dalit communities from the rest of India?

    By virtue of having lived in the US for decades and growing up in Indian tradition, Malhotra has unique insights that have allowed him to write about the church-academia nexus. It is only natural that his credibility must be destroyed. Read What happened to the Rs 94k cr that Indian NGOs received.

    Many are concerned about what they call 'Internet Hindutva'. Till the advent of the net ordinary readers had no way to counter left-leaning articles in the print media. The net has changed that. Many are unable to deal with this new reality.

    On plagiarism here are two examples of Americans having appropriated Indian tradition.

    One, millions of Americans practice yoga, it is a billion dollar industry. Since it originated in India should not Americans have taken permission for its use, paid royalty and credited Sanatan, Buddhist and Jain Dharma traditions? Instead the Americans coined a term 'Christian Yoga where Hindu symbols are substituted by Christian ones for e.g. Surya Namaskar is Son Salutations, where the Son is not Surya but Son of God ie Jesus Christ'.

    Two, Malhotra said, “The Anthroposophical Society that was founded by Rudolf Steiner, was formerly with the theosophists where he picked up his main ideas from Hinduism, and where J Krishnamurti later became the head. The huge movement known as 'Mindfulness Meditation' is nothing other than vipassana and its American copyright claimant Jon Kabat-Zinn learned it from S N Goenka. 'Lucid Dreaming' is a technique widely taught in the USA including the US army and various medical centres, but it is in fact Yoga Nidra.”

    Who do you think highlighted these infringements of intellectual property? To hear Rajiv Malhotra's talk at IIT Mumbai, "Are Indians buying back their own ideas from the West?”.

    Rajeev Srinivasan recently wrote, 'The RISA group of mostly American religious academics who act as gatekeepers for Western Indology has consistently excluded those other than their own through the spurious argument of ‘scholarship’. Indeed, Wendy has spawned -- in nice counterpoint to Romila Thapar in India -- an entire generation of Hindu-hating ‘scholars’, both Indian and Western.'

    Here is a personal experience. On May 13, 2015 the author attended a talk, at the Centre for South Asian Studies Stanford University, titled 'Genocide/Diaspora', by Kamala Visweswaran, University of Texas. The speaker talked about post-Godhra riots, killings in Kashmir, the plight of Sikh families affected by 1984 riots etc. Not a word about 58 women and children burnt alive in Godhra and 250 odd Hindus killed in the subsequent riots; not a word about the rape and massacre of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits resulting in a mass exodus and ethnic cleansing in the Kashmir valley.

    My protest against such a one-sided view were heard and responded without answering the point made. A fellow Indian, who attends their programs regularly, cautioned me against being vocal and said that similar anti-India rants were common.

    The plagiarism accusation is symbolic of a bigger fight between Western academics who seek to define Indian Thought and Philosophy and Right of Centre educated Indians? So far the former defined India and evaluated Indians based on self-defined parameters. In the last ten odd years that is sought to be changed.

    What was outsourced during British/Congress rule is now being reclaimed.

    Malhotra is a pawn in this battle. It is actually a Dharma Yudh between secular/colonial India vs. Dharma/Bharat.

    Disclosure: I have known Rajiv Malhotra for nearly twelve years, met a few times and had major disagreements. He hosted me for a night at his Princeton home in the summer of 2015.
    The author is an independent columnist, chartered accountant and founder of

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    First of all the Indian left and Indian left-leaning centralised socialist were never secular.
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    What will we consider Gandhi ji to be , leftist or rightist?

    We shouldn't fall in the trap of "western" philosophy, where classification is based on struggle for power.(Rights)

    But, should follow our own ingenious method of Dharm and Adharm .(Responsibility)
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    Secularism has a different meaning in India, specifically designed for vote bank politics.
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    Milky Bar
    A leftist .......... trojan horse so to speak.
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    This article is more of a rant than a serious article. It full of loose facts taken out of context, or mis-intrepreted by someone who really does not understand how the US system works.

    Sure there is fraud in the US committed by private companies and individual and in some cases like Bernie Maddoff it is substantial. Corruption by common definition is not really private sector fraud, but official fraud by Federal, state and local government officials. Fraud in the private sector is a common occurrence all over the world.

    The Lehman brothers episode was not direct fraud by any one individual or group was the result of years of the lowering of housing loan standards, the collaterization of subprime debt into investment vehicles, and greedy traders who hawked these new collaterized bonds to greedy investors who kept buying it.
    It was a result of multiple institutional level failure in terms of oversight and regulation at Federal level and at the local institution level that caused it. The intent of lowering the loan standards was to allow more people to own their own homes, but local lending institutioons and real estate people took advantage to sell homes to gullible buyers at very low ARM loan rates.

    Bernie Maddoff was a Jewish Scam artist whose clients were mostly wealthy Jews who had no problems with Maddoff when they were collecting 20% interest without asking why someone would be able to give them 20% interest when the best managed investment funds in the country could barely return 15% on investments. Many of them knew he was crooked, but they turned a blind eye because were too greedy. They didn't care where the money came from as long as they got their annual 20% return on investment.
    Most of them were rich enough that it didn't kill them when Maddoff went bust, but some lost their shirt.

    You have to be a really "dumb Jew" to give your life savings to another Jew to invest....especially given the reputation of Jews in financial matters. You have to know your own people first !!
    I would never give my life savings to another Indian to invest.....not even a family member.

    To say that the US is more corrupt than India is a joke....In India corruption permeates everything...90% of which is not even reported. Its not that the top level leaders like Modi or MMS are corrupt...its almost all the state level CMs, party level officials and MPs and IAS, ICS, and Police cadre that is corrupt. This makes it impossible for even the cleanest PM to clean-up the rot at the lower levels, unless he is a dictator like Xi Jinping in China.

    I don't know where the author got the "Christian Yoga" thing - most serious American Yoga practitioners in the US are probably more Buddhist or Hindu in their spiritual ethos than even many NRI Indians who live here in the US.

    There are 3 main reasons why corruption is rampant in India:

    1) No enforcement - There are rules and regulations, but no money or resources for enforcement. This is compounded by the fact that the central government and its enforcement institutions are weak, allowing corrupt incompetent state governments to thrive

    2) Incompetence - Incompetent state government, state companies, and its many departments headed by people with family/party connections instead of competent qualified technocrats.

    3) Indian culture itself - A culture where cutting corners is ingrained into young people by their parents and society itself from a young age. Religious morality is enforced from a young age, but personal ethics is not emphasized by either family or the school system. A conservative social culture that is very slow to change or adapt.
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