Muslims against Terrorism: Branding community & communalisation of society

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    An Indian Muslim's Blog: News, Views & Urdu Poetry Website: Muslims against Terrorism: Branding community & communalisation of society

    This blog raises some valid questions.

    Poor Chhamman Miyan doesn't know that you need to hold candle-light vigils, wear a better dress and inform cameramen in advance that you plan to hold a demo. People will keep saying Muslims don't condemn. This is the scene of Delhi. At Jantar Mantar, your protest doesnt' catch eyes, how protests in Bharuch or Birbhum will ever get reported.

    Just when Muslims are expected to come to the streets and condemn blasts, many expect liberal Hindus and civil society to also speak up and get people like Bajrangi sent behind bars. This will prove the resilience of our democratic set up.
    Let's be critical of ourselves.
    Let's try to find reasons.
    Let's not generalise.
    Let's not brand the whole community and fight communalisation of all sorts.
    Let's introspect, try to build bridges with other communities rather than calling them names, as it will only lead to further disengagement and distance between communities which is unhealthy.
    Hindus must fight Hindu lumpens and Muslims must fight Muslim communalism.

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