Muslim teacher suspended for not wearing purdah

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    Kochi: A Muslim teacher of a government-aided school, suspended for not following the management’s diktat to cover herself with either a purdah or with a green-coloured overcoat, has approached State Human Rights Commission for justice.
    “The school management insisted that I wear a green coat and even issued show-cause notice asking me to give reasons for not wearing light green-coloured coat or purdah introduced for teachers. Though not happy I decided I would wear my doctor son’s white overcoat instead of green to school,” said Jameela K, mathematics teacher at Sullamussalam Oriental High School in Malappuram, who was suspended on October 20. Jameela said the dress code was forcibly introduced at the beginning of the academic year and it hurt the sentiments of several female teachers who saw it as an affront considering that they always used to come to school decently dressed. “If the idea behind introducing the overcoat was to protect teachers from students’ prying eyes, why should I be suspended because I didn’t wear a green overcoat,” asked Jameela.
    Her suspension order says she has been placed under suspension for 15 days for “grave charges of indiscipline and disobedience”. But the school management claimed that Jameela was not suspended for violating the dress code. “We took action against her as she raised baseless allegations against us,” said school management committee member P Sakkariya.
    The State Human Rights Commission has asked deputy director of Education, Malappuram, to submit an inquiry report. “Prima facie, the school management’s move is a clear violation of human rights as each and every individual has the right to decide what to wear. The decision to introduce green uniform coat would only lead to further divide among people in the state,” said SHRC member KE Gangadharan. School headmistress Najma N V said the whole controversy was uncalled for, as, “We had introduced asparagus’ colour overcoats and not green. It was unanimously decided by the staff and teachers and is not done to appease any political party”.

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    Muslim league holds the education ministry in kerala

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