Muslim religious leaders urge ulemas, imams to engage with Modi

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    NEW DELHI: Muslim intellectuals and religious leaders on Tuesday urged ulemas and imams from across the NCR and neighbouring states to engage with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mufti Wajahat Ali Kasmi, organizer of the meeting attended by around 400 community leaders, said the government had a clear agenda of 'Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas' and when the country developed, Muslims wouldn't remain untouched and so the community would also develop. Former Rajya Sabha MP Sabir Ali said the purpose of the meeting was to ensure that benefits of the Modi government's policies reached the 25 crore Muslim population. While accusing "so-called" secular Congress and regional parties of creating fear among Muslims, Ali said PM Modi and the BJP had not said anything to demoralize the community after the government came to power. He said the PM had forced a Union minister to apologize for her hate remarks, arguing that the community should go by what Modi does. Enthused with the attendance, Kasmi announced that the next such conference would be held in Talkatora Stadium which was likely to be attended by more than 15,000 community leaders. He argued that "so-called" secular parties had used Muslims as vote banks while telling the gathering that the present government was not communal but a few political parties were trying to portray it as communal before Muslims.
    [​IMG](Modi with Muslim leaders during his Sadbhavana mission: File photo)

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    The population must engage and not those who think that they represent their society.
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    If it was UPA, the government would go engage with them, in fact the government only engaged with and catered to these people, now it is the other way round! Karma?

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